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Verification of a Company in Dubai

Verification of a Company in Dubai

Entrepreneurs who perform trade activities will sometimes need to verify a company in Dubai in order to be sure that it is legitimate. This is a precautionary step which can prove very useful for avoiding scams or suspicious offers and collaborations that sound too good to be true.

Our Dubai lawyers can deal with various types of businesses in Dubai and can help you with the  company due diligence procedure

The company verification process

Business owners can perform their own basic company verification. This will include verifying the basic information they already have about the company like trying to make a phone call to the provided number or, if possible, even take the time to visit the company headquarters. Most illegitimate companies will not provide valid registration information and this simple step can save you the hassle of entering into an unprofitable business relationship.

Another thing you can do is ask for reference about that company. This can be done through business contacts and, if the company is legitimate, other business owners who have worked with them will be happy to share their pleasant (or unpleasant) business experiences. Our Dubai attorneys can also help you with a basic company verification – checking the business licenses. 

Companies in Dubai need to provide public information to the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and this information is accessible to anyone via the online portal.

Company verification services in Dubai

For some business purposes, like mergers and acquisitions and even important business transactions, a simple company verification will not be enough. If you want to be sure that a company is legitimate before signing a contract, you can request the special services provided by our Dubai lawyers. In addition to the basic information, our lawyers and financial experts will be able to provide you with an assessment about the company based on the financial records of the company from previous years and creditworthiness based on previous business transactions. Our experts will also be able to provide you with information about the company directors and shareholders, if needed.

You can contact our law firm in Dubai if you have more questions about how and why you should verify a company before doing business in Dubai. We can also give you complete details about the legislation for foreign investments, if you are a foreign entrepreneur interested in starting a business in Dubai.