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Immigrate to Dubai from New Zealand

Immigrate to Dubai from New Zealand

Foreign citizens who want to relocate to Dubai from other countries can apply for several types of visas that enable them to live here for shorter or longer time frames. This is also the case of those targeting New Zealand immigration to Dubai, as they can come to work or set up businesses here.

If you want to immigrate to Dubai from New Zealand and need assistance, our lawyers are at your service for guidance in choosing an appropriate type of visa in accordance with the duration of your stay.

Below, you can read about the main options you have if you want to move to Dubai.

Options for New Zealand immigration to Dubai

People who want to immigrate to Dubai from New Zealand can apply for various types of residence permits. These can be obtained based on the reason they move here, and two of the most important are:

  • employment;
  • business/investment.

Each type of residence permit comes with its own requirement, however, it should be noted that according to recent changes in the legislation, special categories of immigrants can be awarded with permanent residence based on a set of advantageous criteria.

If you decide to move to Dubai from New Zealand, you can obtain more information on permanent residency options from our local law firm.

How to relocate to Dubai from New Zealand based on employment

New Zealand immigration to Dubai based on work is one of the easiest options as there are no special requirements to meet. In other words, one only needs to fulfill the job descriptions, experience, qualifications of the Dubai employer to obtain an interview and the job followed by the application for the work permit.

Moving to Dubai from New Zealand based on employment is a two-step process:

  • the first one is completed by the employer who obtains authorization for bringing the immigrant to Dubai;
  • the second one is completed by the immigrant who must file the application with the UAE Embassy in New Zealand.

The following documents must be filed by the employer with the immigration authorities in Dubai:

  • documents that attest to the immigrant’s education or work experience;
  • a medical report;
  • recent photographs for the work and residence permit.

An important aspect to consider is that the work visa comes with a residence permit, so if you want to relocate to Dubai from abroad, you can rely on our lawyers for guidance.

Our law firm in Dubai is at the disposal of foreign citizens from all over the world who want to move here and need support in preparing the necessary documents for immigration.

How to obtain residency in Dubai as a New Zealand citizen

There are no special requirements that apply to those who immigrate to Dubai from New Zealand and want to obtain a residence permit.

Those who decide to open companies can use their ownership in the business to move here, while the employment requirements have been explained above. However, when interested in permanent residency or citizenship, special conditions apply.

If you are interested in New Zealand immigration to Dubai and UAE permanent residency or citizenship, we kindly invite you to discuss your options with our lawyers.

Permanent residency options for New Zealand citizens

People who want to move to UAE from New Zealand and obtain permanent residency can either purchase properties, or open companies here. Another option is available for certain categories of persons, namely highly qualified individuals, such as doctors, artists, sportsmen, and engineers. These benefit from a special application procedure, or better said, nomination for permanent residency.

The following requirements apply in the case of those seeking New Zealand immigration to Dubai based on investment:

  1. they must invest the equivalent of approximately 2.3 million USD is assets approved by the government or;
  2. they can buy properties worth around 273,000 million USD or;
  3. invest around 150,000 USD in a Dubai business.

 You can obtain more information on the options available from our Dubai lawyers.

The UAE population in statistics

According to the United Nations, the UAE population is around 10 million inhabitants at the level of 2021. More information indicates that:

  • out of the total population, 88.52% or approximately 8.84 million people are expats;
  • 27.49% of expat inhabitants are Indians;
  • more than 66% of the inhabitants are aged 25 – 54;
  • Dubai is by far the most populated emirate with 3.43 million persons and is followed by Sharjah with 1.73 million people and Abu Dhabi with 1.51 million inhabitants.

If you are interested in New Zealand immigration to Dubai and need assistance in applying for a work or residence permit, do not hesitate to contact our law firm for support. Besides immigration services, our lawyers can also help you with company formation in Dubai.