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Corporate Structuring in Dubai

Corporate Structuring in Dubai

Companies in Dubai are formed in complete agreement with the rules and regulations stipulated by the Commercial Code and the Companies Act. The performances of the chosen business form (LLC, branch, representative office, subsidiary, sole proprietorship) will much depend on how your company is structured and whether the departments involved are running well together. The legal terms of how a business is registered in Dubai can be entirely explained by our team of lawyers in Dubai.

Important departments in a company in Dubai

limited liability company in Dubai can be set up with the help of local entrepreneurs who must own 51% of the firm or can be established in Dubai’s free zones for 100% ownership. This is the most popular business form which can be easily registered in Dubai, but the owners must observe the corporate structuring from the first steps of incorporation, such as:

• the board of directors;

• the HR department;

• the communication division;

• the marketing department;

• the sales department;

• the legal department;

• the accounting department.

Because most businesses decide to enter the online market and develop their operations in this field, a digital department is usually suggested in this sense.

We can also advise freelancers seeking to operate in Dubai. Working as an independent contractor for oneself means to be a freelancer. In the UAE, as long as you have the required license, it is entirely legal to apply for a Dubai freelance visa. This means you will be operating as a self-employed or sole trader and using your own name for business purposes. Instead of a trade license, you must obtain a freelance permit.

The responsibilities of managers in a Dubai company

The board of directors is in charge of managing the business on behalf of the owners but using the directives and tasks imposed by them. Among the responsibilities of the directors of a business in Dubai we mention the following:

• providing complete information about the tasks to employees;

• assuring that the orders of the shareholders are entirely considered;

• observing the activities of the company’s staff;

• offering support in solving any issued which might occur;

• assuring that all tasks are accomplished in agreement with the owner’s requests.

Being aware of the legal aspects when running a business in Dubai will lead to a proper management of the firm on the competitive market. For legal advice and business consulting, you can address to our attorneys in Dubai at any time.

The tasks of other divisions in a company

The human resource department is in charge of the employees in the firm starting from the time of contract preparation and registration with the authorities in Dubai. Moreover, the same department can propose and can interview future candidates for the company. The accounting department of a company in Dubai is in control of all the financial activities: bookkeeping, transactions, payroll, etc. As for the marketing division, this must develop all kinds of strategies to promote the company’s activities on the market.

If you want to know more details about the corporate structuring in Dubai, please feel free to contact us as soon as possible.