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Set up a Business for Selling Household Goods in Dubai

Set up a Business for Selling Household Goods in Dubai

Deciding on a business in Dubai is not hard because the generous market offers plenty of opportunities in most of the important and extremely appreciated industries. A good business idea is the one for selling household goods in Dubai, considering that the retail sector is not only permissive for foreigners but also in a continuous expansion. If you are looking to open a shop for selling household goods in Dubai and you need legal advice for the formalities of a business registration, we invite you to get in touch with our team of lawyers in Dubai.

What are the rules for selling household goods in Dubai?

Deciding on a small shop for selling household goods in Dubai comes with a series of protocols, among which, you should definitely observe the ones related to the competition price, the warranties, and the intellectual property laws where it is the case. A business for selling household goods in Dubai can be established in mainland Dubai, or even better, in Dubai’s free trade zones for several tax benefits and 100% ownership in the company. You can also observe the following regulations at the time you wish to open a business for selling household goods in Dubai:

  • • for exported products, a trading license is necessary for Dubai;
  • • bear in mind that the shop must respect the designated area in terms of square meters for exposing household products;
  • • the advertising and promotion in the shop should respect the Competition Law;
  • • all products must be sold with invoices and warranties.

Starting a business in Dubai is for sure a great idea for foreigners looking to thrive in the Arabian market. For legal assistance in company registration, we invite you to talk to our Dubai attorneys.

Types of products you can sell in your shop in Dubai

Household products are the most sold goods worldwide and in a continuous development, including in Dubai where you can benefit from the large number of citizens deciding to live here. Furniture, appliances, and electronic devices are a few important goods which enter the household goods category, one of the most prolific in the UAE. Deciding on a business for selling household goods in Dubai can be not only a good idea, but also the proper start for developing the activities on a large scale at a certain point. 

If you are looking to start a company in Dubai and you need to understand the legal requirements, we invite you to contact our law firm in Dubai for comprehensive information and assistance.