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Mediation in Dubai

Mediation in Dubai

Business disputes in Dubai may be solved avoiding the court litigation. In this matter, the mediation represents a proper alternative which recently took over the cases in which litigation was by far time and money consuming. Our lawyers in Dubai stand at your disposal for both variants, the litigation, and the mediation processes, and can offer the needed legal advice at any time. Moreover, our team can help you register your business in Dubai by providing complete legal support.

What is mediation and its implications?

There are different cases in which business persons face misunderstandings and company difficulties that cannot be easily handled. Such disputes can be solved in the court of law in Dubai, or even better, with the support of mediation, a suitable and recommended method. In this case, both parts involved are invited to an open communication through which they can agree on the terms of negotiations. Mediation represents the proper option through which the parties involved can handle the business or family issues instead of choosing the litigation method. The following cases can be solved with the help of mediation in Dubai:

• commercial and business disputes;

• family issues;

• labor disputes;

• settlement and reconciliation;

real estate disagreements.

Our Dubai attorneys can handle any family or business argues through mediation instead of litigation and court representations. 

The benefits of mediation in Dubai

Instead of losing time and money in the courts of law in Dubai, it is best to handle any business or family arguments with the help of mediation. It is good to know that mediation is a quicker method compared to the litigation which in most cases may take years until the final result is offered. Moreover, each mediation ends with a legal settlement agreed and signed by both parties without having to go to the court of law for this matter. All the negotiations in a mediation between two parties will be handled by an experienced mediator who in most cases may be an attorney or an advisor.

We kindly invite you to contact our law firm in Dubai for extra information about mediation in Dubai.