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Open a Travel Agency in Dubai

Open a Travel Agency in Dubai

According to recent statistics, more than 12 million tourists have chosen Dubai as a deluxe destination for their vacations in 2017. Characterized by opulence, wealth, amazing architecture, a rich history, a prosperous tourism, and countless business opportunities, Dubai represents a significant financial hub and a proper choice for establishing activities and generate money. In this sense, an entrepreneur can open a travel agency in Dubai through a limited liability company, the most suitable business structure for both local and foreign entrepreneurs. Our attorneys in Dubai can offer the necessary legal support when preparing the documents and the necessary licenses.

Documents for opening a travel agency in Dubai

First of all, one should know that the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce oversees the activities of travel agencies in the Emirate and grants the necessary certificates to operate in the tourism sector. In most cases, the limited liability company is considered when a travel agency in Dubai is created. The following documents must be prepared and submitted to the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce:

• copies of the owners’ identification cards;

• the application form provided by the authorities;

• the certificate which offers details about the manager’s experience in tourism;

• information about the economic feasibility of the development;

• a no objection letter which is issued by the Civil Aviation Authority in the UAE;

• the application form provided by the authorities.

When deciding for a travel agency in Dubai, you should, first of all, choose the suitable type of activities. For example, a travel agency can act like an inbound travel operator which offers touristic packages within the UAE, including support in visa matters, or as an outbound travel agency which proposes and sells vacations outside the Emirates. In matters of documents for a travel agency or any other kind of business, our lawyers in Dubai are at your disposal with legal support and advice.

The activities of a travel operator in Dubai

No matter the type of travel agency you choose, whether as an inbound or outbound company, the operations are the following:

• creating touristic packages and promote them on varied channels;

• selling plane tickets;

• offering accommodation options;

• proving support and guidelines in visa matters;

• selling touristic packages through other tour operators worldwide;

• issuing travel insurances on request.

When setting up a travel agency in Dubai, please bear in mind that a bank assurance between AED 100,000 and 200,000 is a mandatory request for a license in tourism.

For a proper understanding of the legal requirements linked to a travel agency in Dubai, we suggest you get in touch with our law firm in Dubai.