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Company Due Diligence in Dubai

Company Due Diligence in Dubai

Companies in Dubai can perform the company due diligence procedure when engaging in business activities or transactions with other companies in order to make sure that their business partner is reliable. This procedure can be done according to the UAE Federal Law. Our law firm in Dubai can help you with more types of company due diligence procedures, depending on your needs. If you want to find out more about the financial situation of your business partner or the company you intend to purchase, our experts can help you with the financial and accounting due diligence.

The due diligence procedure in Dubai

Company due diligence is essentially a background check performed by one of the parties before entering into an agreement or transaction with another party. It is a step that is particularly important in situations like company mergers or company acquisitions in Dubai. By performing a thorough review of the financial information belonging to the purchased company, the investor in Dubai can make sure that the purchase is safe and it will be a good investment. Before entering any business or setting up a convention, a due diligence procedure is recommended and necessary. It is a type of business investigation, where the data is verified and an analysis of risks and benefits is provided.

Financial and legal due diligence in Dubai

Depending on your business needs, you may require performing an in-depth due diligence procedure. Our lawyers in Dubai can help you with various procedures, starting with a financial due diligence in Dubai (useful for transactions and business deals or legal due diligence). Our attorneys will determine specific details and relevant facts about the legal actions performed by the investigated company in the past.

It is important to know if there are any impediments or possible legal issues that might complicate or extend the duration of a company merger/ acquisition. Our Dubai lawyers will perform the necessary research to determine information about legal provisions that may govern any agreements signed by that company, any applicable laws that might restrict some operations or other issues. Our attorneys in Dubai will then advise you about the proper way to proceed with the company merger or acquisition. We can also advise on how to move here.

Our lawyers can also help you apply for a Dubai investment visa. During recent years, the program has suffered several modifications, all of them meant to attract foreign investors and talented persons. You can rely on our lawyer if you need support in vetting your chances of being eligible for this visa. Contact us now!

Steps in company due diligence in Dubai

When company due diligence in Dubai is performed, our advisors will have a concentrated investigation on the business’s goals, especially if an acquisition is involved. The material aspects, the principles of evaluation and the purposes in this matter are among considerations which will weigh when a final decision is made, whether a merger is suitable or not, in the presented conditions. Additionally, when a company due diligence procedure is performed, the investment opportunities are also measured, and if the valuation is positive, the new owner can implement new business plans.

company due diligence in Dubai can be successful if the information is reliable, if the business concepts are fully understood and if the valuation reflects the visions of both parties involved in the process.

Due diligence when buying a property in Dubai

The ownership information, details about the seller, and documentation of the property to find out if the land can be legally used are among aspects to consider when a due diligence is performed. It is quite common in Dubai to ask for due diligence before purchasing a property and a suitable report in this matter will disclose whether the acquisition is a proper decision or certain risks have been involved.

For more information about the company due diligence procedures in Dubai or if you are interested in other legal issues, like taxation in Dubai, please do not hesitate to contact our Dubai law firm.