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Double Tax Treaty UAE – Ireland

Double Tax Treaty UAE – Ireland

At the beginning of July in 2010, Ireland and the UAE have signed the tax convention aiming at the reduction of overtaxation and the improvement of the bilateral relations between the two economies. The measure encourages investments in the two countries and the extension of the trade activity between Ireland and UAE. Our law firm in Dubai can assist investors with legal counseling regarding tax provisions in the UAE.

What does the tax treaty between UAE and Ireland provide?

The most important provisions of the tax treaty between UAE and Ireland refer to the reduction of the taxes charged on the companies which are residents in one of the two countries. If a company performs economic activities in one of the states and is charged locally for the income obtained there, then the resident country must return that amount to the company through the credit method. 

The credit method is the legal method through which a company can be refunded for the taxes payed twice in two different states. The money offered by the resident state can be accessed by the company for other expenses or for reinvestment in the enterprise. 

The companies are eligible to benefit from the provisions of the tax treaty if they prove to have a permanent establishment in Ireland or the UAE. The permanent establishment might refer to a place of management of the company, the existence of an office or a workshop or another form of functioning of an enterprise. 

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Tax issues complementary to the tax convention UAE – Ireland

Investors in the UAE should know that in Dubai there is a special fiscal climate. The authorities have adopted a special taxation regime which keeps the personal income tax to 0% rate. 

The double taxation treaty between Ireland and the UAE includes as well a reference to the income obtained from interests, dividends and royalties. Moreover, beneficiaries of the tax convention are also individual persons with revenues from salaries and pensions. 

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