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Immigrate to UAE from UK

Immigrate to UAE from UK

The UAE is one of the most appealing countries in the Middle East when it comes to doing business or working. Dubai is one of the most attractive emirates from a living style point of view, which is why citizens from many countries around the world decide to move here. It is also the case of UK citizens who find plenty of opportunities in one of the most welcoming countries in the region when it comes to foreigners.

If you want to immigrate to UAE from UK, our lawyers in Dubai are at your service for guidance in applying for one of the visas that ensures a quick relocation. You can also rely on for various other services related to immigration and doing business in the UAE.

The main types of visas for UK citizens moving to the UAE

There are several ways through which UK citizens can relocate to UAE for short or long term. The most requested types of visas by British citizens are:

  1. the employment visa which is can be obtained after finding a UAE-based employer and receiving a job offer;
  2. the dependent visa which can be obtained by UK citizens who already have close family members living in the UAE;
  3. the student visa which is quite popular among British citizens who come to study in the UAE;
  4. the investor visa which is the most suitable option for UK entrepreneurs who come to the UAE for business reasons.

For each type of visa, the requirements are different which is why if you plan to immigrate to UAE from the United Kingdom and need information or assistance in applying for one of the above-mentioned visas, you can direct your questions to our law firm in Dubai.

The residence permit for UK citizens relocating to the UAE

The good news about immigration from UK to the UAE is that each type of visa comes with a residence permit, therefore when applying for a visa, the applicant will also receive residency in Dubai or any other Emirate. However, it should be noted that each Emirate also has specific requisites when moving there.

Our immigration lawyers in Dubai can offer more information on the national legislation related to moving to the UAE and the main requirements. You can also rely on us if you want to move to the UAE from the USA, for example.

Documents required when immigrating to UAE from the United Kingdom

The documents required by the immigration authorities in the UAE depend on the type of visa requested, however, on a general note, the following must be filed no matter the reason for relocation:

  • the valid passport;
  • a health certificate;
  • a few passport-sized photographs.

Then, depending on the type of visa applied for, the employment contract received from the UAE company employing the immigrant is requested to work visa applicants. Also, an education certificate, alongside diplomas and other documents showing the experience of the immigrant is required.

When immigrating based on a student visa, the applicant will be required to submit the acceptance letter from the university enrolled in.

When moving from UK to UAE based on a dependent visa, the documents needed are slightly different as sponsorship implies meeting specific financial requirements, such as:

  • when bringing parents to the UAE, the sponsor must have a minimum monthly salary of 20,000 AED;
  • when bringing the spouse or minor children, the minimum monthly salary of the sponsor must be 4,000 AED or 3,000 AED if accommodation is also provided.

For this, the sponsor must submit a payslip providing for the proof of income.

When immigrating to Dubai from the UK, all documents must be filed with the Authority for Identity and Citizenship.

How to immigrate to UAE from UK for business reasons

UK businesspersons who want to open companies in the UAE can also apply for temporary residency when filing the incorporation documents of their future companies.

Another type of investor visa in the UAE is the property ownership residence permit through which a British citizen can move to Dubai or another Emirate by purchasing real estate. The main condition for obtaining this type of visa is for the property to have a minimum value of 1 million AED.

If you want to relocate to UAE from the United Kingdom based on an investor visa, you can rely on our lawyers in Dubai.

How to move to Dubai from UK based on employment

Dubai is home to more than 3 million citizens, out of which 90% are foreigners who came here for work purposes. The attractive salaries, the good working conditions, and the high quality of life here make many people from all over the world to choose to move here based on employment visas.

Relocating here from the United Kingdom based on a work permit has several advantages. Among these, the simplified procedure which means the employer will play an important role in the immigration procedure. Briefly once the British citizens has found employment which is confirmed by the work contract, the work and residence permit issuance procedures begin. Also, another benefit is that residency is also obtained based on the work visa. The entire procedure takes around 5 days to complete.

The quick issuance process is based on the fact that the employer must complete many of the procedures with the Dubai authorities that rely on online services to help companies. So, if you ae interested in starting a business here, our lawyers in Dubai can help you obtain the necessary permits quickly.

Feel free to address us all your questions on how to immigrate to Dubai from every corner all of the world.

Family reunification for UK citizens in Dubai

Family reunification is another option to move to Dubai from UK for persons who have relatives established here. The dependent visa is the main residency visa for those who want to relocate with their Dubai resident family members.

It is important to note that the Dubai resident will sponsor the British citizen coming to Dubai. For this purpose, the sponsor must meet specific requirements, among which housing and stable income ranging between 4,000 and 10,000 AED.

The family members that can join a Dubai resident are:

  • wife and children;
  • parents;
  • siblings;
  • in-laws (parents, sisters and brothers).

If you want to apply for family immigration to Dubai, our law firm can explain the requirements you must meet. We are at your service for support in filing for residency.

Permanent immigration to Dubai from UK

Many people dream of sunny Dubai and moving here permanently can be an option for those who meet certain requirements. According to a new law, skilled persons can become permanent residents of this Emirate. These must be doctors, scientists, athletes, and artists who must demonstrate their value and in exchange for their worth, they can obtain 10-year residency.

If you want to move to Dubai from UK, feel free to address our lawyers who can explain the requirements of becoming permanent residents.

Property ownership as a British citizen in UAE

Dubai is considered an investment destination and one of the best yields is offered by property ownership. If you are a British citizen and want to acquire real estate here, you can do that without too much hassle.

There is also the option to move to Dubai from UK by acquiring real estate, however, that implies investing at least 5 million AED. However, lower value properties can also be bought and held as vacation homes and during the time in which you won’t be here to rent it to tourists.

Another option is to buy a property of a lower value, 1 million AED, in exchange for a 3-year validity visa. We can assist with the purchase procedure.

Other aspects you can consider when choosing this immigration option refer to being allowed to acquire properties in Government designated areas. Also, you will have the right to own them for 99 years.

How to relocate to Dubai from UK as soon as possible

The timeframe for obtaining a residence permit as a British citizen is nearly the same in most situations (1-2 months) that imply long-term relocation. However, the simplest way is by securing a work contract, which leads to obtain the permit in about 1 week.

However, there are also other matters to attend to, such as the documents you need to prepare, and among them obtaining the criminal record from your country. In UK, such records are issued about 14 days, however, if extensive checks are required, the procedure can take up to 8 weeks.

If you want to move to Dubai from UK as soon as possible, please consider all available options and use our immigration services for a good understanding on how to proceed. Our law firm is your disposal no matter the type of residence permit you want to apply for.

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Validity of residence visas in Dubai

Each type of residence permit comes with a specific validity period when immigrating to UAE from UK or any other country and the following must be noted:

  • the business visa has a 3-year validity period;
  • the investor visa has a 5-year validity period;
  • the minimum validity for a work visa is 6 months;
  • the maximum validity for a work permit is 2 years.

For assistance in moving to UAE from UK, please contact our Dubai law firm. We can also offer detailed information about how to immigrate to UAE.