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Attestation Services in Dubai

Attestation Services in Dubai

Official documents issued for commercial or civil law-related matters need to be certified or attested before being filed with various authorities. For this purpose, people and companies can use specialized attestation services in Dubai. Such solutions are available for UAE and foreign nationals, as well as businesses that need to use such papers in this country or abroad.

Below, our lawyers in Dubai explain the main document certification services you can count on us for. Please note that we are at your disposal with MOFA attestation in Dubai.

Document attestation services in Dubai

If you have dealt with any authorities in this country or another, you already know that the documents you need to file with them need to be attested, legalized, or certified. This procedure is requested by officialities as proof of the validity of the respective papers. For this purpose, our law firm in Dubai offers the following services:

  • certificate attestation services for natural persons in Dubai;
  • documents attestation services for companies in Dubai.

All papers drafted and legalized by our specialists will bear the MOFA attestation seal in Dubai.

Dubai attestation solutions for natural persons

Our Dubai lawyers are at the service of UAE citizens, residents, and foreigners with various activities in this Emirate and who need to submit documents to the local authorities. Equally, we can also assist those who need to file the respective papers with officialities in other countries.

Among the documents we can offer attestation services in Dubai for, we mention the following:

  • education-related documents, such as PhD, diplomas, and degrees;
  • marriage certificates;
  • birth certificates;
  • medical certificates;
  • salary pay slips;
  • passport copies;
  • powers of attorney.

These papers can be used for various purposes, including by those who want to obtain freelance visas for Dubai and who need to file them as proof of income (such is the case of birth certificates and passport copies).

Specialized attestation services for companies in Dubai

Our Dubai attestation solutions are also available for local and foreign companies operating through branches. These may need to file various papers with the Trade Register. For example:

  • true copies of the certificates of incorporation;
  • certified copies of shareholders and directors’ passports;
  • Articles of Association when opening a new company in Dubai;
  • various types of contracts.

All these documents need to have the MOFA attestation in Dubai.

What is MOFA attestation?

As mentioned earlier, certificate and document attestation in Dubai or anywhere else in the world is a procedure used to verify that documents issued in the UAE, respectively is another country are authentic. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE is the official body to provide this service.

The main way to obtain MOFA attestation services in Dubai is online with the help of our lawyers. Abroad, these solutions are available with the nearest UAE consulate or embassy.

Feel free to address our law firm for this type of legal service.

These services can also be used by those who want to move to the UAE based on a Dubai investment visa, for example, case in which they can rely on our immigration lawyers.

Attestation fees in Dubai

MOFA is the authority in charge of establishing the fees related to document attestation in Dubai. At the level of 2023, these are:

  • for various types of UAE-issued certificates, the fee is AED 150;
  • for commercial documents issued in the UAE, the fee is AED 2,000;
  • invoice attestation is subject to a standard fee of AED 150.

Besides attestation services, our lawyers can also help you open a company in Dubai. Feel free to contact us for attestation services in Dubai and other legal services.