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Set Up an IT Company in Dubai

Set Up an IT Company in Dubai

Dubai is the proper place for entrepreneurs from abroad to start a profitable business in the IT sector, as it has developed in a fast manner in the last decade. The innovation and the technology are part of the development process in Dubai, and the IT industry is open for all businessmen interested in making good money. Once the special licenses have been obtained, a matter where our lawyers in Dubai can help with legal support regarding the legislation, you can start your activities as an IT company.  

The registration process of an IT company in Dubai

The registration process of a company in Dubai can be a matter of days if the Department of Economic Development in the city have accepted all the documents. Please consider the following documents if you want to set up an IT company in Dubai:

•    the articles of association;

•    copies of the passports of the owners;

•    the employment visa necessary to obtain the professional license;

•    the signed partnership contract;

•    a copy of the lease contract for your IT company;

•   documents regarding the security deposit for your business in Dubai.

If you have decided to register a company in the IT industry in Dubai, it is recommended to ask for legal support from our attorneys in Dubai.

Get a professional license for your IT company in Dubai

professional license is necessary as soon as you prepare the documents to set up the IT company in Dubai. The same Department of Economic Development in Dubai is in charge of releasing this type of certificate. If you provide details about the employment visa and about the approval regarding the type of the activity you want to establish, the authorities can grant you the professional license.

Why is an IT business successful in Dubai?

IT companies in Dubai can offer complete support for businesses in the city by providing the necessary equipment and technical help. There are numerous enterprises in Dubai, small, medium or big, which solicit IT support on a daily basis, therefore, setting up an IT firm can be the proper start as an entrepreneur in the Emirates. Furthermore, businessmen from overseas can benefit from the tax haven in Dubai, where profits are subject to no fees and can consider hiring the local workforce which is made of skilled individuals. 

If you want to set up an IT company in Dubai, you can solicit complete guidance and legal support from our law firm in Dubai, if you contact us.