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How to Obtain a Professional License in Dubai

How to Obtain a Professional License in Dubai

When you intend to open a professional firm in Dubai, you need to obtain as well a professional license. This is issued for sole proprietorships and it can also be obtained by LLCs and sole establishments with 100% expatriate ownership. Our Dubai attorneys can clarify to you the procedure through which your company can get a professional license in Dubai. If you are planning to make investments in the UAE, we suggest you address your concerns to our lawyers in Dubai.

Requirements for the application procedure for a professional license in Dubai

In order to obtain a professional license in Dubai, you will have to follow the steps of the application procedure. You must begin with the name reservation and subsequently pay for the name of your choice according to the regulations imposed by the DED (Department of economic development).

Other documents that you need to provide in order to get a professional license in Dubai are:

– copies of the partners’ passports,

– the book of naturalization,

– filling of specialized forms for the initial approval.

In case you operate an LLC and you share its ownership with a local partner, you need to provide as well from the national sponsor a confirmation letter, known under the name of Jinsiyya. You might need as well to make proof of a rented office or space in which you conduct your professional activity. Our Dubai attorneys can help you follow the procedure in detail, and they can assist you in gathering all needed documentation for obtaining a professional license in Dubai

For a better understanding of how a professional license is obtained in Dubai, we invite you to watch the video below: 

Who needs to obtain a professional license in Dubai?

All those who intend to open a business and are going to conduct professional activities will need to obtain a professional license in Dubai. Such activities include those performed by artisans, craftsmen, but also technical and medical services, web design, publishing, and printing. The authority which issues these licenses is a governmental agency – the Department of Economic Development (DED). Since the professional license is certifying a particular skill, the government will require a proof or an external certification for it. Other additional approvals might be necessary depending on the field of your commercial activity. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact our law firm in Dubai in order to help you get all needed approvals preliminary to the obtaining of a professional license in Dubai.