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Private Notary Services in Dubai

Private Notary Services in Dubai

The private notary services in Dubai are available for foreigners who want to set up companies in this city and who need to notarize the documents of the future firm. Such services can help foreigners start their businesses in a fast manner and implement the operations as soon as possible. Our lawyers in Dubai can help business persons set up their operations in compliance with the legal requirements imposed by the entitled authorities in Dubai.

What kind of documents can I notarize in Dubai?

Foreigners can set up limited liability companies, partnerships or joint stock companies for which a set of documents are necessary. These can be notarized, and foreigners can benefit from private notary services at the time of company incorporation. The following types of documents need to be notarized when opening a business in Dubai:

  1. the Articles of Association for limited liability companies in Dubai;
  2. the Memorandum of Association of a civil works company in Dubai;
  3. the contract for the local representative agent for your company;
  4. the declaration of residency and the declaration of unemployment in Dubai;
  5. the power of attorney approved by the General Power of Attorney in Dubai.

Moreover, the visa sponsorship declaration and the minutes of meeting can be included on the list of documents which need to be notarized for a company in Dubai. All the legal aspects regarding the types of documents for which private notary services are necessary can be explained by our Dubai attorneys.

Why are private notary services necessary in Dubai?

Knowing the fast development of Dubai, the government in the UAE decided for the privatization of the notary services. This represents a proper initiative which helps foreigners establish their operations in a fast and smart manner by providing a friendly business environment.

Can personal documents be notarized in Dubai?

Personal documents like passport copies, birth certificates or Consulate documents cannot be notarized through the private notary services.

Can I notarize the declaration of residency in Dubai?

Yes, a declaration of residency can be notarized on request, and foreigners can benefit from private notary services in this kind of situation.

What other conditions are linked to private notary services in Dubai?

The company registration or business formation in Dubai are subject to varied documents which need to be notarized. It is good to know that such papers need to be translated into Arabic before they are provided to the notary.

For complete information about the private notary services in Dubai, please feel free to contact our law firm in Dubai.