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Set up a Company in the Construction Sector in Dubai

Set up a Company in the Construction Sector in Dubai

As Dubai is in a continuous and spectacular development, the construction sector in this city remains a profiting one for local and foreign investments. Most of the requirements for opening a company in this domain are the basic ones that the Dubai Register imposes for the establishment of new legal entities. You can confidently rely on the support of our Dubai lawyers who can assist you with the opening of a company in the construction sector in Dubai.

The registration of a company in the construction sector in Dubai

TheCompany Register in Dubai manages the formation of new companies in the UAE. Its offices can be found inside the Department of Economic Development (DED) which makes sure that the UAE Corporate Law is respected when a new company is established. Some of the requirements for new companies consist of specific application forms and documentation, such as articles of association or plan and projects of your activity. 

Special requirements apply to businesses who intend to operate in the constructions sector. Apart from the specific licenses and permits, you might need as well approvals for constructions in certain areas, and you will have to be aware of the special regulations concerning building and construction in Dubai.

When you enter the construction industry in Dubai, you should be prepared to respond to the increasing need for efficient buildings, which must attain specific standards in terms of safety and energy efficiency.

Our attorneys in Dubai can help you determine which approvals you need to obtain and what laws you must be aware of when operating in the construction industry in the UAE

Obtaining professional licensing for a company in the construction sector 

When you intend to enter the construction sector in Dubai, you will have to make sure that at least some of the people who take part in the management of your company have a professional engineering license. The Dubai regulations concerning this type of license ask for a certified specialization in the engineering fields, provided by a recognized university. Some members of the board can be as well part of the Engineers’ Association of the UAE. 

The UAE legislation prevents the consultant engineers to be as well owners of companies which receive income from building materials. The law stipulates as well that previous experience in construction domain is needed in order to be eligible for the obtaining of the engineering license in Dubai.

For more information regarding the obtaining of an engineering license and the formation of a construction company in Dubai, please contact our law firm in Dubai