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Notary Services in Dubai

Notary Services in Dubai

Notary services in Dubai are requested by individuals who need to attest documents, notarize certain contracts, authenticate signatures or handle documents such as wills. The services of a Dubai notary are requested both by individuals and companies that want to conclude arrangements or business transactions. The Dubai Notary Public Law now allows certainly registered lawyers to perform the needed procedures for notarizing documents. The experts at our law firm in Dubai can help you with private notary services.

Lawyers as notaries public

Dubai is a city that is experiencing constant growth and its government is relaxing the policies for certain legal matters. In an effort to simplify transactions, the lawyers in Dubai are now allowed to offer services as a private notary public. There are a number of law offices in Dubai that provide such services. Alternatively, individuals who are in need of notary services in Dubai can request the services of a Dubai Notary Public, available at the Dubai Courts governmental building and in other locations across Dubai.

Dubai notary services

Our law firm in Dubai provides complete legal services, including document notarization. You will be able to conclude any needed business transactions and authenticate documents. However, you should know that any documents that are not presented in Arabic or English will need to be translated by a sworn translator. Our attorneys in Dubai can help you with the following notary services in Dubai:

  • • notarize documents and contracts, whether related to your business or for personal matters;
  • • authenticate the signatures and documents as part of the business registration in Dubai;
  • • affidavits and power of attorney and also wills, on request;
  • • conclude agreements, including sale-purchase agreements for property in Dubai;
  • • draw up the Articles of Association at the time of company incorporation in  Dubai.

Depending on the type of document you wish to notarize or authenticate, you will need to provide copies and the original counterparts. You will also need to provide supporting documentation, especially identification documents.

You must be aware of the requirements of the freelance visa in Dubai before deciding whether to apply for an employment visa, which is distinct from your residency permit. Our local law firm can help you apply for both types of permits that enable you to work in Dubai or one of its free zones.

Who can benefit from notary services in Dubai?

Any foreign individual or company with establishments in Dubai looking to seal and close certain contracts or dealings can solicit notary services in this city.  Attesting documents and authenticating signatures are involved in most of the transactions in Dubai, therefore, one can ask our Dubai attorneys for legal support in matters of notary services.

The spouse and children, regardless of their age, are all eligible for the 10-year long-term residence permits after coming here based on sponsorship of the person obtaining a Dubai investment visa. Furthermore, it is also possible to bring employees and executive directors for the investor’s company.

Can I benefit from private notary services in Dubai?

Yes, whether you would like to notarize the company’s documents before entering the market, a declaration of residency, or translate the papers into Arabic, you can ask for private notary services. Such kind of services is at the disposal of foreign investors looking for private notary services that suit their needs and which can help them deal with the formalities in a fast manner. It is good to know that birth certificates or passports cannot be notarized with the support of private notary services in Dubai.

Types of documents you can notarize in Dubai

The documents of a company in Dubai are accepted by the registration authorities if these are notarized in accordance. The Memorandum of Association for limited liability companies, the Memorandum of Association of Civil Works Company, plus the Memorandum of Association of Partnerships in Dubai are among the documents a company needs to have certified. It is good to know that the general and the specific powers of attorney are among the documents for which authentication is mandatory in Dubai. We remind that for any information about the legal requirements linked to the notary services a company can receive, we suggest you address your inquiries to our team of lawyers in Dubai.

Can I benefit from online notary services in Dubai?

Yes, most of the notary offices in Dubai are offering the possibility of accessing their services on the internet, with the help of their websites. It is though recommended to visit the Dubai Courts Notary Public to receive the authenticated documents. One must bear in mind that each notary service is subject to a specific fee, but in most of the cases, this is presented on the related website.

Attestation services at Dubai Embassy

Embassies in Dubai offer notary services to all foreign residents living in the UAE and particularly in this city. Many foreigners are looking to notarize documents for work-related purposes but not limited to this. It is recommended to ask for legal advice when interested in notary services in Dubai.

For a complete list of our legal services in Dubai as well as other information about Dubai notaries you can contact our law firm in Dubai