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Civil Lawyer in Dubai

Civil Lawyer in Dubai

Foreign citizens and investors coming to Dubai must abide by the laws of the Emirate, no matter the types of relations they engage in. The main law to respect is the Civil Code which has a wide applicability in this country. However, Dubai is an Islamic state, which is why the Shari’a Law which is the primary source of law and acts as a guide for all other acts imposed here.

For guidance in Civil Code – related matters, our civil lawyer in Dubai is at your service and can offer assistance in cases that need to comply with this law.

Our law firm in Dubai specializes in offering support to local and foreign citizens and investors in both civil and commercial law issues.

What are the main concerns of the UAE Civil Law?

The Civil Act is by far the most complex set of laws of any country. It regulates a wide range of aspects that both natural and persons can face on a daily basis. Among these, the UAE Civil Code covers the following:

  1. the first and most important, civil rights of natural persons;
  2. disputes arising between private citizens and private citizens and companies or other organizations;
  3. real estate ownership, rental and tenancy agreements and their applicability and breaches;
  4. debt collection and other contractual matters are also covered by the Civil Code.

The Civil Code is different from the criminal one, which deals with offenses and their punishment. This is also why when facing problems, it is good to appeal to the services of a civil lawyer in Dubai in the first case and to a criminal attorney in the second one.

Another aspect to consider is that in the UAE, the Civil Law applies at a national level, however, each Emirate has its own variations of the same code.

If you are in Dubai or one of its free zones, our law firm here is at your disposal with various solutions for civil law matters.

Have your rights respected with the help of our civil lawyer in Dubai

Private citizens, both residents and non-residents have various rights in Dubai. They can get married, divorced, purchase or rent properties, enter into various types of contracts, and so on. A breach of any of this right can lead to serious discomfort and sentiment of injustice, which is where our civil lawyer in Dubai can help you.

We can help you restore your rights by offering targeted support in all areas of the Civil Law.

Our Dubai lawyers have the necessary experience and knowledge to help both UAE citizens and foreigners who need to get acquainted and understand the laws applicable in this country, especially in the context of differences between Eastern and Western countries.

Legal support in contractual matters in Dubai

One of the most common areas of the Civil Code is the Contract Law. Rental and tenancy agreements disputes and breaches can also be found in Dubai, and this one of the areas in which our civil lawyers can help.

Our civil lawyer in Dubai will first review your claim and try to help you reach an understanding with the party you are in conflict with. We always choose to start with an amicable approach that satisfies the requests of each party, however, if this does not work, we are prepared to take the case to court, if required.

We will first revise the contract in question, followed by the proposition of a solution that respects all parties’ rights.

We can also assist Dubai companies dealing with contract disputes, as these too can find themselves in difficult positions. In their case, we will follow a more complex approach, in accordance with the circumstances in which the problem has arisen. Also, where possible and if the contract contains specific clauses, arbitration is one the solutions we recommend.

Legal assistance in debt collection matters in Dubai

If you are debtor or a creditor and need the support of a civil lawyer in Dubai, you can rely on us. We can offer legal advice on how to resolve such unpleasant cases in the fastest way possible. By respecting all the requirements of the law, we will try to obtain the best settlement possible in the shortest time.

Tact and understanding are the two characteristics of our Dubai civil lawyers in such cases.

Civil law case statistics in Dubai

According to Statista.com, the most recent data on civil law cases in Dubai for 2017 indicates that:

  • there were 4,579 civil cases registered with first instance courts in Dubai,
  • out of these, 3,744 were also decreed;
  • there were also 884 real estate disputes registered in Dubai courts and 804 of them were also solutioned;
  • the largest number of such cases was 2,060 personal affair situations, with only 272 solutioned.

If you need support in such cases, do not hesitate to contact our civil lawyer in Dubai.