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Boat Registration in Dubai

Boat Registration in Dubai

Dubai is known for its eccentricity and the expensive lifestyle. The coast of the Persian Gulf is a prime location not only for the city’s exquisite construction projects, like the man-made islands, but also an ideal location for sea sports lovers. With a wide access to the Arabian Golf, Dubai is accommodating many types of marine crafts. Some of the boats have as purpose recreation or tourism, others might be commercial crafts. Regardless of the type of boat that you intend to acquire and use, you will have to apply for registration at Dubai authorities. Our law firm in Dubai can offer you support with the documentation needed in order to register your marine craft in this city. 

Registering a boat in Dubai

The main condition to be able to own a boat in Dubai is to be a resident. Foreign business owners, who want to own a boat or yacht in the UAE, must firstly relocate to the Emirates or obtain a visa.

According to the Maritime Law, the procedure of boat registration in Dubai consists of several steps. First you must fill an application form to the Dubai Maritime City Authority. Afterwards, you should gather the list of documents required in order to obtain the Marine Craft Licensing. You have to take in consideration as well the fees which need to be payed at this step of the registration. 

The documents required to register a vessel in Dubai are as following:

  • • licensing application form;
  • • original manufacturing certificate;
  • • valid technical inspection certificate;
  • • a copy of the title deed;
  • • a copy of the cancellation of registration, if the boat was previously owned by somebody else;
  • • the original bill of sale for the boat and original customs clearance certificate;
  • • identification documents for the individual or company requesting the registration.

The next important step is the reservation of a name for your maritime craft. Consequently you are required to install the number of the craft and to go through an inspection process. Another mandatory element is obtaining of the marine craft license and the certificate which grants the minimum safety for the boat. 

Other additional steps consist in the installation of a GPS tracker, a measure which is imposed by the Coastguard. For boats which reach waters deeper than 36 Ft (fathom=1.8288 meters), the owner must install as well a VHF device which is used for radio comunication and digital selections of the calls. 

Our lawyers in Dubai are ready to offer you legal assistance with the boat registration procedure in Dubai

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Types of marine crafts provided in the Dubai legislation

Marine crafts, as defined by the law in Dubai, can be categorized into three categories:

  • • pleasure marine craft with engines: jet sky, boats up to 12 m, between 12 and 24 m or over 24 m;
  • • pleasure marine craft without an engine: rowing or sailing;
  • • traditional wooden crafts;
  • • commercial marine craft: for public transportation, cargo transportation, etc.

Renewal of boat license in Dubai

Many of those who decide to set up a company in the maritime sector need to renew anually their marine license in Dubai. The documents that must be filed are the original marine license, copies of the passport or resident ID, the proof of payment for the insurance policy, the trade license, if there is the case and the proof of payment for the renewal tax of 310 Dhs.

Deregistration of a boat is also possible as well as the registration of a maritime craft on behalf of several owners. The penalty for delaying the renewal of your registration is 200 Dhs.

In case you are interested in registering your marine craft in Dubai you can count on the legal services of our attorneys in Dubai, who can help you gather all needed documents for this procedure. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a simple and fast boat registration in Dubai