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Restructuring a Company in Dubai

Restructuring a Company in Dubai

As a major business hub and an important financial center among big players on the market, you might think that in Dubai there is no need of a company restructuring. But there are cases in which such method is necessary if there is no alternative and if the business would direct to another field of interest. Restructuring a company in Dubai should be attentively measured, therefore, the legal support from our lawyers in Dubai is recommended. The same team can offer tax advice when such measure is imposed for your business.

Reasons why a company can be restructured in Dubai

If your company in Dubai faces a financial struggle for varied reasons, and there is no other way of solving the problems, then it is time to consider a restructuring method. Here are the main reasons why company restructuring in Dubai is necessary:

• the corporate structure no longer identifies with the business purposes and objectives;

• there is an excessive debt which cannot be paid in time;

• there is poor liquidity;

• the capital structure might need an improvement;

These are the cases where a financial restructuring is imposed for a company in Dubai, whether it is large or small, where eliminating the risks should be the top priority. Please consider that our attorneys in Dubai can provide you with tax advice, financial planning, and all the legal aspects if a company restructuring is necessary.

How can a company in Dubai be helped in a restructuring matter?

If you face company problems, you might want to direct your attention to a team of advisors who can appreciate the seriousness of the issues and who can implement several strategies to revive the business. In this matter, our Dubai lawyers can guide you with legal aspects in the following:

• business analysis to reveal and repair the problems;

• financial advice with renegotiated terms and conditions offer by suppliers;

cost operating reduction;

• financial plans and reports review;

• a plan B and a new business structure.

Once you have decided for a restructuring business in Dubai, we invite you to solicit legal support and guidance in this matter by contacting our law firm in Dubai.