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Open a Business for Rental and Leasing Activities in Dubai

Open a Business for Rental and Leasing Activities in Dubai

The rental and leasing businesses in Dubai are linked to the automotive industry which is not only appreciated but also strong and competitive. With plenty of business opportunities in Dubai, many investors from overseas choose to focus on this important sector and open car rental and leasing companies by putting the accent on wealth and high standard services in a city that breathes opulence and luxury. The main direction of such activity is connected to the tourism sector, in order to offer top class rental services. The company can successfully focus on the individuals who decide to relocate in Dubai and are interested in leasing contracts. For a proper understanding of how a business for rental and leasing activities in Dubai can be set up, we suggest you talk to one of our lawyers in Dubai who can explain the legal terms and provide support in company registration.

Steps in setting up a car rental and leasing company in Dubai

Whether you want to purchase a ready-made car rental and leasing company or start your own business from scratch, it is best to address to one of our Dubai attorneys. A suitable business plan in this matter is in most cases the key to success in a competitive market like the one in Dubai and starts with choosing the right location, an attractive fleet of cars and varied marketing strategies. Besides the company registration in Dubai which is an easy process and can be done in Dubai’s free zones for excellent tax benefits, one must consider setting up an office, insuring the vehicles and obtain the special licenses and permits for rental and leasing activities. Please consider the following aspects when opening a car rental and leasing company in Dubai:

•    choose the location for your fleet of cars;

•    set up a business office;

•    decide on the type of customers you wish to address your services;

•    settle the contracts and the conditions;

•    apply for special licenses and permits;

•    promote your car rental and leasing business.

If you want to know more about how you can set up a business for rental and leasing activities in Dubai, please watch the video below: 

The target of a car rental or leasing company in Dubai

The car rental business in Dubai can address to both tourists and business persons in search of a proper means of transportation who are interested in renting vehicles for a short period of time. Car leasing in Dubai may be a suitable option for individuals who decide to relocate to Dubai or for companies established in the city and in need of a special fleet of cars. Each type of client, whether interested in renting or leasing is subject to a contract which comprises the rights, the terms and the conditions of such services. The legal aspects of the car leasing and rental agreements can be explained by our legal advisors in Dubai.

The terms of a car rental contract

Your car rental company in Dubai may address to corporate clients or persons interested in having a suitable means of transportation while in the city, for both leisure or business purposes. Each contract is signed by both parties and must comprise details about the company that offers cars for rent, the services provided, including information about maintenance or car replacement in case of mechanical problems, and details about the amount of money to be paid during the rental period. On request, your car rental company in Dubai may offer the services of a professional driver, a matter which can be stipulated in the contract.

If you want to plan your business for rental and leasing activities in Dubai and you need not only a starting point but also support throughout the registration process, please feel free to contact our law firm in Dubai.