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Double Tax Treaty UAE – Malta

Double Tax Treaty UAE – Malta

The UAE signed numerous double taxation treaties with countries world. With the purpose of strengthening the economic collaboration, the UAE signed a double tax treaty with Malta. There are many taxes covered by the double taxation treaty between the UAE – Malta and if you are interested in this matter, you can solicit complete information from our lawyers in Dubai who can also provide you with legal services for you or for your company.

Taxes covered by the UAE – Malta agreement

The provisions of the UAE – Malta double taxation convention stipulates that the income, the corporate tax, the royalties, interests and the dividends are protected from double taxation. For a better understanding, it is good to know that once an income is levied in the UAE, it will be not taxed once again in Malta, but individuals or companies with businesses and gains in both countries should consider the taxes in accordance with the rules and regulations in the UAE and in Malta. According to the Article 11 of the ancillary Protocol, Maltese people who live and work in the UAE and have the status of residents have the right to solicit tax refunds if they were paid in Malta. If you want more details in this matter and if you need to know information about the taxation system in Dubai, we suggest you solicit help from our attorneys in Dubai.

The withholding taxes mentioned in the UAE – Malta double tax treaty

Companies with assets in the UAE or Malta can be levied in the other contracting country, as mentioned in the double taxation agreement between the two states. As for the profits of a company, these will be levied only in the country the business takes place, the UAE or Malta. The same is available for the permanent establishments, whether in Malta or in the UAE.

We remind that if you have any other questions about the double taxation treaty between the UAE and Malta, it is best to contact our law firm in Dubai for answers and comprehensive information.