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Labour Lawyer in Dubai

Labour Lawyer in Dubai

The UAE offers many employment opportunities to citizens around the world and many of those in search of job opportunities have started to see the benefits that come with relocating to metropolises like Dubai where the wages are also very appealing.

Foreign citizens who want to work in the UAE must know that the regulations here are quite different from those in Western countries, which is why our labour lawyer in Dubai is at the services of those who have obtained or are in the process of negotiating employment with local companies.

Below, we invite to read about the main labor-related services provided by our law firm in Dubai.

Services provided by our employment lawyers in Dubai

Adapting to a whole new world and culture is difficult from those who come from liberal Western countries to work in the UAE. However, this is one of the most permissive Middle Eastern states which is why the number of foreign employees in Dubai companies is a large one.

For those in need of assistance in relocating here for employment reasons, our labor lawyer in Dubai can assist with the following:

  1. revision of job offers on behalf of foreign citizens who obtain them,
  2. company verification on behalf of future foreign employees due to come to Dubai,
  3. employee verification on behalf of companies hiring foreign citizens,
  4. guidance on the latest provisions of the UAE Employment Code,
  5. assistance in applying for the necessary work permits in accordance with the type of employment contract obtained.

If you have any questions about our legal services of the Employment Law, our Dubai lawyers are at your service for detailed answers and clarifications.

Employment contracts explained by our labour lawyer in Dubai

Just like in all countries around the world, the UAE also has a Labor Code which provides for the relations between employees and employers and which are covered by work contracts.

The following types of employment contracts are issued by Dubai companies:

  • fixed-term contracts,
  • unlimited employment contracts,
  • part-time labor contracts which have been introduced in 2018.

For information on the conditions contained in work contracts, our labor lawyer in Dubai can provide all the necessary documents. One of our attorneys can also verify such agreements in the case of first-time foreign employees in Dubai.

It is important to note that foreign citizens who want to immigrate to Dubai based on work contracts must obtain job offers prior to relocating here. Support in this sense can be offered by our law firm.

Assistance in hiring foreign employees in Dubai

Many companies in Dubai and its free zones have foreign employees which is why the legislation related to hiring overseas workers in the past few years has been modified in the favor of businesses seeking to bring workforce from abroad, as well as for those who come to work here from other countries.

Our employment lawyers in Dubai are the service of both companies that need to complete specific steps before hiring a foreign worker. These refer to making a clear job offer and start the immigration formalities by applying for the work and residence permit on behalf of the worker with the Ministry of Labor.

It is also worth noting that the employer will act as a sponsor for the foreign worker.

Foreign employees in need of immigration services can rely on our lawyers in Dubai who specialize in this field.

Legal representation in employment disputes

Apart from assistance in hiring employees, our labour lawyer in Dubai can also guide employers and employees in disputes associated with their contractual relations. It must be understood that both parties have rights and obligations and failure to comply with them can result in penalties.

Dubai companies hiring employees must know that they need to pay the wage agreed by contract with the workers. On the other hand, employees must respect the terms of the agreement.

Both parties must make sure they understand the terms of the contract, as this is a mandatory requirement under the Labor Code.

Where disagreements appear, our lawyers can help with various amicable solutions. We also invite you to watch our video:

Employment statistics in Dubai

According to the UAE government, at the level of 2018:

  • the UAE labor force totaled 7.384 million employees,
  • out of these, 7.219 million were employed, meaning the unemployment rate 2.2%,
  • 31% of the workforce was concentrated in the extractive industries,
  • 13% of the labor force was working in the public administration and defense sector,
  • out of the private industries, wholesale, retail trade and repair hired 8% of the entire workforce.

If you need assistance in labor-related matter, our employment lawyers in Dubai are at your service, so do not hesitate to contact us.