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Establish a Foundation in UAE

Establish a Foundation in UAE

Foreign businessmen who decide to relocate to the Emirates have the possibility of setting up foundations, in compliance with the rules and regulations of the Chamber of Commerce in the UAE. The non-governmental organizations, social clubs, and associations are the main foundations a foreigner can establish in Dubai. For a proper understanding of the legislation in this matter, it is recommended to talk to our lawyers in Dubai who can also guide you throughout the entire registration process.

Requirements to establish a foundation in Dubai

The foundations are non-profit organizations which can be set up by respecting the rules and regulations imposed by the Ministry of Community Development in the Emirates. The social clubs are the most preferred non-governmental organizations (NGOs) a foreign or local entrepreneur choose to establish. These can deal with club event organizations or social care facilities. Besides the special license which is issued by the Community Development Authority in the UAE, one should prepare the establishment of the foundation, the activities and also the application form.

Please remember that our Dubai lawyers can offer the necessary support in legal matters when preparing the documents for your future foundation in Dubai.  For more information in this sense, we invite you to watch the video below: 

How to raise or donate funds in Dubai

charity foundation in Dubai can deal with donating money and raising funds, the last activity being under the strict supervision of the Islamic Affairs & Charitable Activities Department in the UAE. It is good to know that a foundation can offer financial support for special families, help individuals rehabilitate into the society, or sustain the Zakat Fund meant to support the special activities and projects regarding people with a special status.

We remind that a foreign individual opening a foundation in Dubai must comply with the requirements of the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, The Ministry of Community Development, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Islamic Affairs & Charitable Activities Department, and also the National Rehabilitation Centre, the main authorities in the Emirates.

For additional information about how to establish a foundation in Dubai, we invite you to contact our law firm in Dubai.

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