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Obtaining a Dubai Driver’s License

Obtaining a Dubai Driver’s License

Federal Law No. 21 Concerning Traffic issued in 1995 established the conditions one must fulfill in order to obtain a driver’s license in Dubai. UAE citizens are allowed to apply for a probationary driver’s license provided they have turned 18. Foreign citizens moving to Dubai are allowed to apply for a driver’s license once they have obtained their residence visa. Citizens of several countries among which France, Germany, Australia, Ireland, the United Kingdom and the United States can transfer their licenses through simplified procedures.

Our lawyers in Dubai can provide you with a complete list of countries whose citizens must not apply for a new driving license and with information about the proceedings required to transfer existing licenses.

Steps to obtain a driver’s license in Dubai

There are a few mandatory steps to follow when applying for a driver’s permit in Dubai. Both citizens and residents of the UAE must first enroll with an authorized driving school and to undergo an eye exam. There are 5 authorized driving schools in Dubai. Based on the exam and other documents, the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) which is in charge with issuing driving permits will first release a temporary license available for the training period. Once the training is completed, the applicant must pass a theory and a practical driving test. Once the test passed, the RTA will issue an approval letter which can be used until the driver’s license is ready.

Foreign citizens may also apply for an international driver’s license when moving here through various visas, inlcuding the freelance one. 

Setting up a bank account is essential when getting a freelance visa in Dubai. There are many large financial institutions in the UAE that accept independent contractors. Among the documents required to set an account up are your residence permit and a few application forms, depending on the chosen bank.

Documents required to apply for a Dubai driver’s permit

The following documents must be submitted prior to the training courses by foreign citizens living in Dubai:

  • –          a valid passport with the valid residence visa in original and copy;
  • –          a no objection letter from the employer, if applicable;
  • –          the eye test certificate;
  • –          8 passport-size photos;
  • –          a receipt of the driver’s license issuance fee.

The documents must be filed with the Dubai Traffic Department Driving License Section within the RTA. Dubai driver’s licenses have a 10-year validity period.

For assistance in obtaining an UAE driver’s license, do not hesitate to contact our law firm in Dubai

For foreign people interested in investing in real estate or in business in Dubai, the Government developed the Golden Visa Scheme. It also goes by the name the investment visa for Dubai. The permit gives the holder the freedom to enter, stay, and exit the UAE whenever they like before it expires.