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International Law Firm in Dubai

International Law Firm in Dubai

Dubai is an extraordinary city in whichforeign citizens and investors can find multiple work and business opportunities, as it is one of the most prolific out of all Emirate of the UAE.

No matter the activities one has in Dubai, it should be noted that the city has its own laws, but people here must also abide by the national legislation, therefore attention is required on multiple fronts. This is one of the reasons for which many international law firms operate in Dubai.

We are a Dubai law firm that can provide assistance to local and foreign citizens and entrepreneurs and we are dedicated to supporting you in any legal matter.

Why choose to work with an international law firm in Dubai

At the moment, there are many international law firms with activities in Dubai. While some of them provide specific legal services associated with only one branch, such a Civil Law or immigration, there are others that have a multi-disciplinary approach and have divisions made of specialists in various fields, such as tax law, commercial law, or litigation.

The main reason to choose to work with an international law firm in Dubai, especially when you are a foreigner is that the lawyers here will have knowledge on local and foreign rules and regulations, so that they can provide tailored assistance matching your exact situation.

Foreign law firms operating in Dubai will gather local and overseas attorneys so that they can work together for suitable outcomes.

Our team of lawyers in Dubai is made of specialists in various fields committed to offering their support to all types of clients.

Services offered by international law firms in Dubai

An international law firm in Dubai will respect the same regulations as local ones and will be able to provide the same services as those based in this Emirate. These services refer to:

  1. assistance in civil and commercial matters in and outside Dubai;
  2. legal support in employment and immigration matters for coming and leaving Dubai;
  3. assistance in registering companies in Dubai as a foreign investor;
  4. legal representation in litigation cases for foreigners in Dubai;
  5. guidance on taxation matters for foreign citizens and entrepreneurs;
  6. tailored support in buying real estate as a foreigner in the UAE.

Most of the times, foreign citizens and investors are the ones to request the services of international law firms in Dubai as these have approaches that suit their needs the best.

Knowing both the UAE and foreign laws of various countries can represent a great advantage of those who come to Dubai for the first time and need to get acquainted with the local requirements quickly. Moreover, a lawyer working in an international law firm in Dubai will be able to explain as briefly as possible all there is to know to get accustomed to requisites to respect, apart from particular situations that will be discussed specifically.

Another important aspect that can help foreign citizens coming to the UAE is that in international law firms in Dubai most of the staff speaks at least one foreign language, usually English, for easy communication.

How to find an international law firm in Dubai

There are many law firms in Dubai and find an international one that suits your needs is not difficult. The simplest way of doing that is by researching the Advocates and Legal Consultants Directory in Dubai to find an advisor. You can either search for the closest one or based on the services the firm offers.

Then, there is also the option of requesting recommendations about some international law firms in Dubai other people you know have worked with before.

When coming from another country it is advisable to search for a lawyer with competence in international-related matters before entering Dubai. This way, you will make sure you have all the support you need once arrived in the UAE.

Why choose our Dubai lawyers?

Our Dubai law firm is made of a team with experience in national and international legislation so that we can service clients from every corner in the world. Our legal consultants will follow a personalized approach in order for every person to be offered all the chances available of obtaining a good outcome.

According to statistics:

  • at the level of 2017, there were a little over 1,000 lawyers in the UAE;
  • out of these, there were also 299 female lawyers;
  • 800 students graduate from law schools every year in the UAE.

Choosing between the many international law firms in Dubai is simple when having decided the services you need. Contact us for legal support in any matter you need assistance. Our lawyers are at your disposal with personalized services.