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Digital Nomad Visa for Dubai

Digital Nomad Visa for Dubai

In the past few years, distance working has become possible in many countries that have now started creating special programs in this sense. This is also the case of the UAE that has enabled digital nomad visas. The Dubai remote work visa is one of the best ways to move here and work for a company in your home country or be a self-employed person.

Below, our lawyers explain the main conditions to obtain a digital nomad visa for Dubai. You can rely on us if you want to apply for it.

The virtual working program in Dubai

With an expat population of 8.84 million, according to data for 2021, the UAE is one of the most appealing countries to live and work in the world. Most foreign citizens live in Dubai, the largest Emirate, which is why the digital nomad visa program was created.

The Dubai remote work visa was created towards the end of 2020 and quickly became popular among digital nomads.

The main advantage of the Dubai one-year remote working visa is that it addresses to foreign citizens who do not want to apply for residence permits. Similar to a tourist visa, it enables it holder to live and conduct various activities here, under specific conditions.

Our lawyers in Dubai are at the service of foreign citizens interested in applying for this type of visa.

Requirements of the Dubai remote work visa

Here are the main requirements of the Dubai digital nomad visa:

  • it can be obtained by foreign citizens and entrepreneurs who work for overseas companies or are self-employed;
  • an essential condition is for them to complete their activities remotely;
  • their work must imply the possibility of working remotely.

There are several advantages linked to the digital nomad visa one of the most important is the possibility of moving to Dubai with one’s family. We kindly invite you to discuss all family reunification options with our law firm in Dubai.

How to apply for a Dubai one-year remote working visa

There are several conditions to meet when applying for a Dubai remote work visa, among which:

  • having a valid work contract or other proof of income from abroad, where the minimum amount is 5,000 USD or its equivalent in AED;
  • having a 6-month validity passport and health insurance;
  • for business owners, proof of ownership of at least 1 year is required, as well as the company’s bank statements for the past 3 months.

Considering the visa is valid for one year, our Dubai lawyers recommend applicants to ensure the validity of their passport is longer than the minimum 6 months required.

With respect to the application for a virtual working visa for Dubai, there are two procedures that can be completed. The first one refers to the application being filed with the UAE embassy/consulate in one’s home country. The second one implies obtaining a UAE tourist visa and submitting the application here with the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship.

The main benefits of the digital nomad visa for Dubai

Flexibility is perhaps one of the most important benefits of a Dubai remote work visa as it enables holders to experience living here. Also, even if valid for one year, the visa can be renewed with the mention that the same requirements will apply.

The digital nomad visa is a program that enables foreign citizens who come here to later relocate to Dubai permanently if they meet the residency requirements. So, no matter the option you are interested in, you can rely on our immigration lawyers in Dubai for support.

For complete guidance in applying for a Dubai one-year remote working visa, feel free to address our law firm. Besides immigration services, our lawyers can also help you with company formation in Dubai.