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Family Lawyers in Dubai

Family law matters in Dubai are generally governed by Federal Law No. 28 of 2005 of the UAE Federal Affairs Law. Muslims observe different laws in the UAE and non-Muslims living in the UAE can ask for the application of their own laws under certain conditions.

Family matters can be delicate. This is why our family lawyers in Dubai will handle every case with care and professionalism. With the help of our lawyers, you can solve any legal issue in Dubai that concerns divorce, marriage or child custody and care.

Dealing with family issues in Dubai

Federal Law No. 28 concerning Personal Status is based on the Sharia Law and it applies to citizens and non-citizens of the United Arab Emirates. However, the law allows expatriates to use the law of their own home countries in the Dubai courts, if possible. The provisions of Law No. 28 cover areas like divorce in Dubai, child custody and rights or inheritance and property.

Child custody in Dubai is established according to the best interests of the child. After divorce, custody is generally give to the mother, if she so wishes and if she is deemed capable. In order to be given custody, the parent receiving this right must be a mature adult with no psychological problems, capable of raising and caring for the child. The UAE Personal Status law gives legal custody right to the mother, then to those related to the mother more than to those related to the father, except the father. 

If you are going through a divorce and the custody needs to be established for the child or children, our family lawyers In Dubai can give you more details about your rights as a parent.

Other family matters in Dubai, presented by our family lawyers in Dubai

Inheritance in Dubai is also established by Federal Law No. 28. When there are both male and female heirs, the law prescribes that the man may inherit twice as much as the women. 

A lawsuit in Dubai concerning personal status matters must first be submitted to the Family Orientation Committee. An exception to this rule are cases concerning wills, inheritance, alimony, fostering and others. Our family lawyers in Dubai can also provide you with solutions for succession and inheritance in Dubai.

The main legal services offered by our family lawyers in Dubai are presented in the infographic below:


Family Law-related services in Dubai

Just like in other countries, the Family Law in Dubai is comprehensive and contains many provisions of different aspects of marriage, divorce, child custody and alimony. When also adding the fact that the UAE is a Muslim state, specific aspects must be observed. This is why, the assistance of a family lawyer in Dubai will prove essential in understanding how the law is applied here.

Here are the main services available with our family lawyers in Dubai:

  1. assistance in marriage registration for local and foreign citizens seeking to get married in Dubai;
  2. assistance in divorce and marriage dissolution procedures in Dubai;
  3. legal advice in child custody and maintenance after divorce in the Emirate;
  4. legal assistance in spousal support and division of assets in Dubai.

From many points of view, the laws applicable in Dubai resemble the ones available in Western jurisdictions, however, the UAE law has its own particularities, which is why when dealing with such problems, one should seek the advice of a law firm in Dubai.

Marriage registration with the help of our Dubai lawyers

In the last few years, Dubai has become a preferred jurisdiction for foreign citizens who want to get married here because of the beautiful landscapes. When seeking to register marriage in Dubai, foreign citizens must also consider the legal requirements imposed by the local regulations. Our family lawyers in Dubai can assist in such matters. Among the services we can provide for those who want to get married in Dubai, we mention that we can help with the preparation of the documents that need to be presented with the local authorities. The set of documents depends on the nationality of the spouses. It is possible for UAE nationals to marry foreign citizens, as well as for foreigners to register their marriage in Dubai.

Our family lawyers in Dubai can assist in filing the paperwork related to marriage registration in due time, so there are no complications prior to the marriage. Moreover, if you are a UAE citizen who got married in another country, our law firm in Dubai can help you have your marriage recognized here.

The assistance of an experienced lawyer is very important no matter the legal services you need here. We are also at your disposal if you have recently moved to Dubai and plan on starting a business here.

Legal assistance in divorce and marriage annulment in Dubai

Divorce and marriage annulment are sensitive matters in Dubai, which is why this is one of the most important cases where one will need the assistance of a lawyer. In 1998, the Family Guidance Division was created with the purpose of mitigating family disputes in order to avoid lengthy divorce proceedings.

In most cases, divorce hearings are held in first instance courts in Dubai. The divorce application must be filed with the court in which the citizen lives in. By living, the Dubai legislation implies the place of residence, in the case of foreign citizens.

An important aspect of concern to foreign citizens seeking to have their marriages ended in Dubai is that according to the Sharia Law, there is no concept of prenuptial agreement in the UAE. However, foreign citizens have the option of choosing the law according to which their case will be tried. It is also possible for the Dubai court to recognize and enforce a ruling issued in another country.

Our family lawyers in Dubai can explain all the legal requirements that need to be complied with when dealing with divorce proceedings. Moreover, we can assist foreign citizens interested in getting divorced according to the local laws.

Obtaining child custody and alimony with the help of our family lawyers in Dubai

Divorce procedures will usually have the hardest impact on children, however, Dubai courts will rule in a way that favors children. Our family lawyers in Dubai can offer their full assistance in cases where child custody and maintenance are involved, so that the principle of the best interest of minors is respected.

Our Dubai lawyers can also help with the division of assets and spousal maintenance, where the case requires. You can also watch our video below:

Divorce statistics in Dubai

According to statistics, the divorce rate in Dubai is on a descending trend considering that:

  • the number of divorces has dropped by 35% between 2016 and 2019;
  • the divorce rate per 1,000 persons dropped from 3.76% in 2016 to 2.44 % in 2019;
  • the net divorce rate published by Dubai courts also decreased to 7.95% in 2019 from 11.95% in 2016;
  • however, there was also a 17% drop in the number of marriages per 1,000 Emiratis registered between 2016 and 2019.

We can help you with estate planning, wills and generally any legal way of dealing with assets and passing them on to heirs. Our lawyers in Dubai can also offer you assistance in any court cases. Please contact us for support in family-related cases in Dubai.