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Open a Catering Company in Dubai

Open a Catering Company in Dubai

Even if there are plenty of top restaurants and food corners from which you can choose in Dubai, a catering company can be a suitable option for businessmen at the beginning of their activities, especially if they want to set up sole proprietorships. The food industry continues to grow each year, whether we are talking about food trucks or firms that offer catering services. Investors should consider the general food safety standards in the Emirates and the necessary licenses for opening a catering company in Dubai, a matter where our lawyers in Dubai can help.

Setting up the type of catering business in Dubai

Once you have decided to enter the food industry with a catering firm in Dubai, it is recommended to establish a business plan and to choose what kind of clients you want to serve. For instance, your catering company in Dubai may address to corporate or private events in the city. Offering a wide range of menus should help an entrepreneur win numerous clients in search of both traditional foods in the Emirates or international ones. You can bet or focus on the Mediterranean gastronomy which is well appreciated worldwide, and you can create special menus for particular days in a week. Whether it is a full-time kitchen or not, an entrepreneur who wants to set up a catering business in Dubai should consider the costs for the equipment, salaries, rented places and all kinds of payments. When starting a business, our attorneys in Dubai can help in legal matters.

Licenses and requirements for a catering company in Dubai

The Department of the Economic Development in Dubai is in charge of issuing the necessary licenses and permits for your catering business in Dubai. If the food items must be obtained outside the Emirates, a license for import and export of goods must be issued. We remind that Dubai aligns with the rules and regulations stipulated by the Food Code, where the general food safety standards in the UAE are strict and entirely important, whether you are interested in opening a restaurant or a catering firm in Dubai. Our Dubai lawyers can help you understand better the requirements which are settled for a food business in the Emirates and the needed licenses before starting your activities. 

Why open a catering company in Dubai?

catering business in Dubai implies no high costs and it is suitable for single entrepreneurs at the beginning of their career, especially in an industry where easy money can be produced. Dubai is a preferred touristic destination and foreigners expect only but the best services, especially if we are talking about food.

Your attention can be directed to all kinds of food corners which can serve numerous visitors who want to taste or discover the traditional cuisine of the Emirates. Even more, an entrepreneur can also focus on the corporate sector, a well-developed area, where he/she can set up catering companies and serve varied menus each day and enter the market with top quality services and excellent food. In this business, a proper marketing plan needs to be created, considering that a strong competition describes the food industry in the Emirates.

If you have decided for a catering company in Dubai, we invite you to ask complete information in this matter from our law firm in Dubai, if you contact us.