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Establish a Business for Selling Cosmetics in Dubai

Establish a Business for Selling Cosmetics in Dubai

The expansive market in Dubai offers plenty of business openings for domestic and international investors looking to make large profits in any of the chosen fields. The retail sector makes no exception, as there are many entrepreneurs who successfully open shops for selling tea, spices, clothes, or fast-consuming goods like cosmetics. The incorporation process of such a business is extremely simple, whether foreigners want to sell cosmetics in malls, markets or any related places. On the other hand, it is recommended to seek for legal advice from our team of lawyers in Dubai and understand the requirements in this matter.

How can I register a business for selling cosmetics in Dubai?

Foreigners looking to set up a business for selling cosmetics in Dubai should observe the following requirements:

  • • the business needs to be licensed by the Department of Economic Development;
  • • the Public Health and Safety Department issues the health licenses;
  • • a company can sell only the approved products like the cosmetics for personal cleaning;
  • • a business must be registered as a distributor of cosmetic products (re-seller or importer).

Obtaining the necessary licenses for opening such a business is mandatory before establishing the activities in the cosmetics sector, therefore, you should solicit legal support from our Dubai attorneys.

Cosmetic products you can sell in Dubai

When opening a business for selling cosmetics in Dubai, it is requested to apply for the test report showing the content of the products you want to introduce to the market. One can follow the conditions of Dubai Central Laboratory or can provide the report from the home country if the products are imported. Oils, creams, makeup powders, perfumes, soaps, deodorants, gels, hair care products, lotions, shaving products, anti-wrinkle creams, depilatories, lip and eye makeup products are among the cosmetics you can sell through your shop in Dubai.

We remind that every product must respect the labeling and the ingredient requirements as established by the laws in the UAE. Also, it is good to know that a limited liability company may represent the proper business structure for your retail shop in Dubai.

We invite you to get in touch with our law firm in Dubai and ask for legal advice and assistance if you are interested in opening a business in Dubai.