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Road Transportation Law in Dubai

Road Transportation Law in Dubai

Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in the world and its transportation system was one of the first issues authorities had to address in order to modernize the city. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai is responsible for overseeing the transport infrastructure and implementing the rules and regulations for carriers. The Road Transportation Law in Dubai comprises driving, road rules, road types, land and marine transportation in Dubai. As a business owner in Dubai, particularly a transport or import and export business, you will need to comply with the relevant legislation in the field, a matter in which our lawyers in Dubai can offer legal support.

Types of roads and road rules in Dubai

Dubai is an international business center and road and marine transportation is a key part of the business activities being developed in the city. Dubai has a few types of roads and tolls can apply to them. The main roads in Dubai have numbers and there are roads connecting main cities and other Emirates. Tolls apply for passing through certain types of roads and they are collected via an electronic pre-paid system. Salik is the road toll collection system used in Dubai which operates without tool booths, barriers or gates.

Other information about transportation in Dubai

The Roads and Transport Authority is responsible for the roads in Dubai as well as traffic safety, registration and licensing. The Dubai Police is the one responsible for enforcing traffic regulations and applying fines for any breaches. A driving license is required for any individual, foreigner or national driving a car in Dubai and a penalty points system applies to traffic violations. Foreign business owners in Dubai who want to drive a car will need a temporary or permanent driving license.

Our lawyers in Dubai can help you with information about how to obtain this permit. The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority oversees all roads, rail and marine transportation networks in Dubai and between Dubai and other Emirates of the UAE.  We can also advise on immigration. The freelance visa for Dubai is also available in free zones. Not all, however, in the majority of them. In these cases, specific conditions must be met, and they are often quite advantageous. If you want to check out the requirements, contact our lawyers. They will help you understand what this visa entails.

Legislation in case of accidents in Dubai

According to the rules and regulations of RTA, persons involved in an accident in Dubai must retest the car to see if it can be used on the roads in the city. This information can be obtained from the auto service in charge of the repairs. The next step is to test the vehicle at the authorized RTA testing centers in Dubai.

What happens if you use the emergency lane illegally?

The road shoulder or the emergency lane cannot be utilized for purposes of using the mobile phone or resting for a while in the car. We remind that the emergency lane was intended to serve the emergency situations and cannot be blocked when police cars or ambulances are on a mission. Moreover, persons who stay on the road shoulder with no actual emergencies or special situations like medical problems or road incidents can receive penalties of about AED 600 and 6 black points, as stipulated by the RTA. We remind that our attorneys in Dubai can help you with details regarding the Road Transportation Law in Dubai.

The black points for drivers in Dubai

The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai strongly collaborates with the traffic police department in the city, and both supervise that the traffic rules and regulations are completely respected. With high standard technology, such as radars and other top-class equipment, the authorities in charge with the traffic regulations try to keep the traffic offences at low rates. It is good to know that minor traffic offences in Dubai can be penalized with fines which can be paid online. If the traffic offences are serious, black points will be received, and if such penalties are gathered, a person can lose the driving license, therefore the right to drive in the Emirates.

For more information about the rules and regulations regarding road transportation in Dubai, please do not hesitate to contact our Dubai law firm.