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Set up a Crowd Funding Company in Dubai

Set up a Crowd Funding Company in Dubai

crowd funding company in Dubai can be an excellent opportunity for young and innovative entrepreneurs who want to enter the market with new services and products for which special investments are necessary. Crowd funding companies can be established in Dubai International Financial Centre, one of the most important financial hubs worldwide. Drafting the documents for your crowd funding company in Dubai can be supervised and guided by our lawyers in Dubai who can explain the legislation in this matter.

What you need to know about crowd funding companies in Dubai

Dubai is definitely an attractive business hub for both local and foreign entrepreneurs, where they can develop certain activities in varied industries. The young businessmen have the possibility of using numerous crowd funding platforms on the internet, where they can promote their products and services and ask for investments in this matter. The projects can be added on special internet pages and, if a big investor or several investors are interested in those projects or business plans, they can direct their attention in that specific area. A good idea, product, service or project can turn into a successful business, which is why numerous investors are interested in crowd funding and in generating money with the help of innovation. When setting up a crowd funding company in Dubai, one should consider that the company incorporation is an easy process and the same as for any type of company.

The Securities and Commodities Authorities of the Emirates, Dubai Financial Services Authority, alongside with the Central Bank in Dubai, will issue the necessary licenses and permits for the crowd funding company. The government of the Emirates sustains the crowd funding platforms and continues to develop an innovation-friendly environment by supporting the fintech businesses. Our attorneys in Dubai can help businessmen to set up crowd funding companies in Dubai, by offering full legal support.

Why choose crowd funding in Dubai?

As an important financial hub worldwide, Dubai welcomes all kinds of projects and business plans which can be considered successful from the first analysis. The fintech industry in the Emirates continues to develop, as the financial sector is interested in all sorts of services for their clients. Investors worldwide are connected to varied crowd funding platforms where they can detect potential and future successful projects, also considering any risks which might occur. Investors who have sustained a project can receive the products and services before they are implemented and presented on the market. According to statistics, numerous small companies in Dubai have better chances to receive investments from a crowd funding instead of banks.

Setting up a crowd funding in Dubai can be guided by our law firm in Dubai, which can explain the legal matters. For any other information, please feel free to contact us.