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Open Dubai Plumbing Business

Open Dubai Plumbing Business

Entrepreneurs from abroad might be interested in providing home appliance installation and maintenance services in the UAE and particularly in Dubai’s well-developed residential areas. In this direction, a plumbing, heat and air-conditioning installation company can be a suitable option for young entrepreneurs in Dubai. Having a firm with activities in the energy sector is subject to varied rules and regulations which can be explained by our lawyers in Dubai

Services of a plumbing, heat and air conditioning business in Dubai

The fruitful business field in the UAE offers a multitude of opportunities for entrepreneurs of any nationality. Starting a plumbing, heat, and air-conditioning company in Dubai involves registering the suitable business form which in this case might be the limited liability company or the sole proprietorship at the beginning. In any case, one must respect the legislation related, and the provisions of the Commercial Code and Dubai Electricity Act in order to perform the activities of installing and maintenance of household appliances. A plumbing company may offer the following services for properties in Dubai:

• fixing leaking pipes;

• installing water heaters and pipes;

• repairing the sanitary plumbing system;

• plumbing system maintenance for households.

As for the heat and air conditioning related services, the following can be part of your business in Dubai:

• installing air-conditioning equipment;

• installing and repairing home radiators and related appliances;

• providing maintenance services for AC and heaters for Dubai households. 

Proving the legal support in matters of documents and business registration is among the services our Dubai attorneys can offer to foreign entrepreneurs.

Licenses and permits for plumbing professionals in Dubai

Whether you want to work on your own as a professional plumber or you wish to set up a plumbing, heat and air-conditioning installation business in Dubai, it is best to understand the requirements in this sense and especially the needed permits and licenses. The Dubai Economic Department oversees the activities of foreign entrepreneurs, whether they respect the legal framework which comprise information about special licenses and permits.

If you are interested in opening a plumbing, heat, and air-conditioning installation business in Dubai, please feel free to contact our law firm in Dubai.