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Hiring Employees in Dubai

Hiring Employees in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates Labor Law regulates the process of hiring employees in Dubai. The employer is the one responsible for the procedure of hiring a foreign employee and the costs that come with this process. According to the law, a maximum probation period allows the employer (the employee) to decide if the position is suitable for him or her.

Business owners in Dubai need to observe the legal requirements for employers and their obligations towards their employees. While some business sectors require that companies hire a percentage of UAE nationals, Dubai is a city that welcomes foreign workers and foreign investments.

The employer’s responsibilities in Dubai

Before a company in Dubai can hire foreign employees, it must obtain two types of documents – an establishment labor card and an establishment immigration card from the Ministry of Labor. The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (DNRD) is another government body that governs the employment process for foreign workers. The procedure for obtaining these documents needed for hiring employees in Dubai is straightforward and the applications can also be made online. If you need assistance with this, our Dubai lawyers can help.

The Employment Law sets forth the obligations of the employer in relation to the employees. The company that hires personnel must provide work contracts and offer benefits for the individuals. While employers are not required to provide private health insurance, they must at least provide a government health card for each employee. The company must also observe the requirements for the maximum work hours per week, vacation time and special benefits for certain types of employees, like those on maternity leave or those on sick leave.

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Recruiting employees in Dubai

While it may be more expensive for the employer to recruit personnel from abroad, certain business areas require the expertise of international specialists. If your company needs to hire a foreign worker, you will have to prepare for certain additional costs, compared to hiring a UAE national. The flight costs are typically paid by the employer who brings the new employee into the city. While some employees will first use a tourist visa until they can complete the other necessary formalities, the employer will still have to obtain a residency and work visa for the individual and obtain all the necessary documents for the employment, after the individual has arrived in Dubai.

Even if employment does not require sponsorship in Dubai, you will need a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your employer. If you choose to operate as a freelancer part-time, a NOC is also necessary. Additionally, UAE residents do not need to renounce their residency permission in order to obtain a freelance visa for Dubai.

If you want to know more about hiring employees in Dubai or living and working in the city, you can contact our Dubai law firm.