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Construction Laws in Dubai

Construction Laws in Dubai

The prolific construction sector in Dubai attracts a large number of foreign investors who successfully introduce their operations in the real estate field. The Building Law in the UAE oversees the activities in the construction sector and should be analyzed by foreign entrepreneurs before opening a company in this field. The legal aspects of the construction laws in the UAE can be entirely explained by our lawyers in Dubai. Likewise, our team can help business persons set up their companies in any sector.

Legislation regarding the construction field in Dubai

Each type of construction in Dubai starts with registering a legal contract which comprises information about the constructor or the investor and the authorities which agreed to the terms and conditions in this sense. Moreover, the same contract must contain information about the owner of the land used for construction purposes in Dubai. Please bear in mind that such agreements are made in compliance with the local laws and also with the international standards in construction, having as an example the International Federation of Consulting Engineer. Likewise, the following set of laws are linked to the construction field and the Civil Code in the UAE:

• the Civil Transaction Law no.5;

• the Federal Law no.1;

• the Commercial Transaction Law no.13;

• articles 872-896 for “muqawala contracts” (contracts to build in the UAE).

We remind that foreign entrepreneurs willing to invest in Dubai’s appealing construction sector can ask our attorneys in Dubai for information about the legal frameworks which stands at the base of construction in the UAE.

Information about construction contracts in the UAE

As mentioned above, building in the UAE and mainly in Dubai is subject to a specific type of contract which contains the legal rights of the parties involved in the construction business. Among the stipulations of such contract we mention that a foreign law can control a construction agreement signed in the UAE territory. Likewise, in case of disputes, foreign judgments can be enforced. Apart from these, the construction contract comprises the stages and the practical steps of parties and collaborators involved in such agreements.

If you need to know more information about the laws governing the construction sector in Dubai, please do not hesitate to contact our law firm in Dubai.