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Power of Attorney in Dubai

Power of Attorney in Dubai

power of attorney is a special document which grants authority and it is given by one person or company to another person or company so that the latter will be able to act on behalf of the grantor. Persons who sign powers of attorney in Dubai must be over 21 and have full mental capacity. One should know that this significant document can be used by lawyers in Dubai when acting on behalf of their clients. If a power of attorney is necessary for a foreign business owner in Dubai and has been issued in another country, it also has to be translated into Arabic in the UAE and then legalized. Our team of lawyers in Dubai can help you deal with the necessary formalities so that you can use a foreign power of attorney in Dubai.

Rights conferred by a power of attorney

power of attorney empowers the principal to sign in all capacities as a legal representative of someone else. It is a trust relationship and any misuse will be considered fraud and will be judged in the court of law. A power of attorney is usually issued for a specific task and can be cancelled by the executor at any time or once the task has been completed. Dubai and the UAE do not recognize a lasting power of attorney, meaning that such document will be cancelled once the executor has deceased. Also, Dubai does not allow for the signing of an irrevocable power of attorney. Our Dubai lawyers can help you choose the most suitable type of power of attorney.

Using a power of attorney in Dubai

power of attorney can be issued for a number of different tasks. Such a document can also be general, meaning that a person will have the right to sign/ decide for all matters concerning the grantor. A power of attorney can be issued for buying and selling properties or vehicles, for residency and foreigners affairs, for incorporating a company, for inheritance matters and others. A special power of attorney is usually issued for tenancy disputes, for granted land, for properties, for administrating an establishment or for trademarks.

Power of attorney for real estate transactions in Dubai

Numerous rules and regulations need to be considered as soon as you decide to acquire or sell properties in Dubai. The power of attorney can cover varied actions like signing a rental or a purchase contract, registering utility bills or deliver possession of assets from developers. The person who receives the POA (power of attorney) is fully entitled to represent a party in the activities related to real estate acquisition. One should know that the power of attorney in Dubai cannot grant the possibility of receiving money in the name of the company or representative. In cases of property sale, the Land Department in Dubai will only accept a banker’s draft in charge of receiving and supervising the financial transaction in a real estate purchase for immigration purposes.

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The validity of the power of attorney in Dubai

A power of attorney has a particular time limit, as long as a transaction or activity takes place, but considering the rules in the UAE. Please keep in mind that the power of attorney in Dubai is available for two years after which a renewal is necessary. As for the revocation of the POA in Dubai, a notification in this matter needs to be created and delivered to the office that issued the document in the first place.

Generally speaking, the validity of the power of attorney in Dubai depends on the type of transaction for which it was issued. As an example in this sense, a POA can be used for real estate transactions like buying or selling a property for a specific period of time. Once the transaction took place, the POA is no longer valid, it expires, or it is revoked. It is good to know that the validity of a power of attorney will also depend on the local legislation and the general rules in this matter. Also, you should know that a POA used for real estate transaction has a specific validity: it can be used for five years for a property purchase or two years for selling a property in Dubai. Those wanting to renew the power of attorney may do so at the Dubai Public Notary for a specific fee of approximately AED 300. We remind that our lawyers in Dubai can act on your behalf with a power of attorney in the cases you wish to buy or to sell a property as a foreigner.

The revocation of a POA in Dubai

In the case you were wondering if a power of attorney can be revoked, the answer is affirmative. A POA can be revoked at any time with the help of a notification in this sense submitted at the office the document was issued in the first place. In the case you are a foreign investor or entrepreneur who appoints us with a power of attorney, you should know that you do not need to travel to Dubai to revoke a POA because such matters can be legally handled by our team of advisors. Even more, you should know that a POA can be issued for a specific period of time which needs to be mentioned at the time this document is issued.

Issuance of POA in Dubai

Even though a power of attorney can be easily issued, it is best to seek the advice of an attorney and find out the ways in which we can legally help. The Public Notary in Dubai verifies and validates the documents right before the UAE Embassy attest them in the country of origin of the person soliciting a POA. Here are a few facts to consider about the POA in Dubai:

  • • a power of attorney can be ready within a few hours or less if the grantor is in Dubai;
  • • in the case the grantor is outside UAE and wants a POA, this document will be ready in approximately two weeks or less;
  • • the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs attests the power of attorney legalized in foreign countries;
  • • specific fees are imposed at the time a POA is issued in Dubai.

If you do not want to deal with the language barrier or other misunderstandings, it is best to talk to one of our lawyers in Dubai who can help you obtain the power of attorney. Also, we remind that our team of advisors can act on your interests with the help of a POA.

The advantages of a POA

If you would like to know what the advantages of a POA in Dubai are, we mention that our advisors are at your services and can act as reliable and competent representatives without worrying that you might need to travel to Dubai and solve your problems. This means that a power of attorney can be used on your behalf in Dubai, in order for you to save time and money while concentrating on other matters. For instance, if you are interested in selling or buying a property in Dubai but you cannot travel to the city, you can easily appoint our lawyers with a power of attorney and ask us to handle all the requirements in this matter. A POA simplifies the entire procedures, especially in the cases of real estate properties in Dubai. A law firm in Dubai can be the right answer for your business, and particularly for the cases in which a power of attorney is necessary. Choosing our experienced lawyers in Dubai means taking advantage of complete legal services, plus comprehensive information about your transactions, the steps involved and each stage of the process, in order for you to know everything at any time.

Short conclusion about POA in Dubai

power of attorney is an important document which can be used by a lawyer on your behalf, in order to take care of the transactions you are interested in. There is a wide range of activities covered by a power of attorney in Dubai, and among these the ones related to the real estate transactions (property sale, purchase or rent), managing a specific matter in a company, signing specific contracts and many more. A POA can be issued for a specific period of time or the grantor can revoke the powers if he/she considers so. We remind that domestic and international customers can direct the attention to our team of advisors in Dubai and solicit complete information about the power of attorney.

We remind that our advisors can help you draw up a power of attorney for simple tasks or for special procedures. Please contact our law firm in Dubai for more information about this document.