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Set up Franchise in Dubai

Set up Franchise in Dubai

Besides starting a business in Dubai as an experienced entrepreneur, there are also other significant opportunities on the respected market in the UAE. For example, one can set up a franchise in Dubai and develop a small business at the beginning, with complete support and other benefits offered by the franchisor. If you consider it is time to open a franchise in Dubai, we suggest you get in touch with our lawyers in Dubai for legal support and assistance. Our team can offer help in any kind of company registration in the city.

Conditions to open a franchise in Dubai

Health, IT, tourism, food, beverages, and all types of industries have proven successful in the UAE and are part of the overall developed and respected economy. All investors or small entrepreneurs can enter the market by setting up franchises in Dubai, under certain conditions but also with varied advantages. First of all, the potential of the future business must be analyzed, in order to adopt a correct decision in the chosen business field. For opening a franchise in Dubai, you can direct your attention to the well appreciated free trade zones for 100% ownership of the business and no taxes. Please consider that franchises in Dubai will respect the terms and conditions imposed by the franchisor. In most cases, the corporation that offers you the right to open a franchise, also provides the individual with varied services with a minimum investment in order to start the activities.

Franchise agreement in Dubai

Each type of franchise is settled with a contract signed by both parts. This agreement comprises details about the franchisee and the franchisor, information about the business, the terms and conditions, the amount of the invested capital, the taxes which need to be paid, if any, and the validity of the franchise contract. We mention that a franchise agreement must respect the rules and regulations as enforced by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Dubai.

The benefits of setting up a franchise in Dubai

Franchises in Dubai are created in sectors like clothing, fast food, jewelry, publications, gardening, beauty products, hardware, dine-in restaurants, printing and many more. Among the advantages which come with a franchise in Dubai we mention the freedom of self-employment, it is a recognizable brand and can be established in a proper location without having to worry about the competition. A franchise comes with a solid reputation on the market and has a reduced risk of failure. Additionally, when setting up a franchise in Dubai, keep in mind that you can use varied resources, ideas, and the assets involved in the brand to develop the business.

If you are interested in opening a franchise in Dubai, please feel free to contact our law firm in Dubai for complete legal support and assistance.