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Legal Services

Legal Services

Our attorneys in Dubai provide a wide range of legal services for local and foreign entrepreneurs who want to start a business in this city or who have already opened a company and need legal assistance for their daily activities. Company formation, visa matters, marriage and divorce in Dubai, company litigation, debt collection, mergers, and acquisitions are only a few of the cases in which you can receive legal advice from our team of specialists. Also, you can solicit legal advice for marriage and divorce matters, and property purchase.

The main legal services provided by our advocates in Dubai

Foreign citizens who want to come to Dubai can use our legal services that cover the requirements imposed by the Civil and Commercial Code. We can help our clients with the following:

  1. guidance in various types of civil matters, among which moving to Dubai;
  2. legal advice and assistance in incorporating onshore and free zone companies in Dubai;
  3. legal support in litigation cases that can be dealt with in or outside Dubai courts of law;
  4. assistance in tax legislation matters, among which tailored tax planning and tax advice;
  5. assistance in applying for various types of business permits and licenses;
  6. guidance in buying real estate property in Dubai;
  7. legal advice in matters related to the Employment Law.

If you have any questions on matters that have not been presented above, do not hesitate to ask our lawyers in Dubai about them.

Assistance in Civil Law-related matters in Dubai

Foreign citizens who move to the UAE can use various services offered by our advocates in Dubai, as the legislation here is quite different from those of Western countries. What should be noted is that in some cases the Sharia Law will apply, however, there are cases in which foreigners can ask for legal proceedings to be completed in accordance with the laws of their home countries.

Among the support we can offer in matters of Civil Law are the following:

  • marriage registration, divorce and child custody;
  • obtaining residence and work permits;
  • real estate acquisition;
  • litigation, which can include court proceedings, but also arbitration and mediation;
  • contracts drafting and verification.

In terms of Family Law, our advocates in Dubai are at the service of those who want to register their marriages in this Emirate. For foreigners who already live here and for their own personal reasons want to terminate their marriages, assistance in divorce proceedings can be provided right from the moment the decision is made. Our lawyers will provide all the necessary details in order to understand how the local court system works so that they can decide under which law they can obtain a better settlement. Then, we can handle the entire paperwork related to child custody and division of assets.

Moving to Dubai implies obtaining a residence permit. There are several ways of relocating to the UAE, among which employment and business are the most used. The procedures related to obtaining Dubai residency are the same, however, the documents that need to be provided are different. For example, when immigrating to UAE based on employment, a valid work offer and contract are required for the initiation of the procedure. Our advocates in Dubai can review any document followed by the filing of the paperwork with the immigration authorities.

Moving to the Emirate implies finding a place to stay. For those interested in acquiring or renting a property, our law firm in Dubai can assist with valuable information and real estate due diligence in order to find the best house or apartment, as well as with the drafting of the necessary agreements for quick relocation.

There is also the possibility of moving to Dubai by acquiring a property, however, specific requirements need to be met in this regard. Our advocates in Dubai are at the service of those interested in this option which can prove a solid long-term investment strategy.

Assistance in contractual matters in Dubai

Dubai is one of the busiest and more appreciated business centers in the Middle East with thousands of foreign investors coming here every year. No matter if you want to start your own business or a franchise which requires drafting one or more contracts, our advocates in Dubai can be your go-to solution every time.

Also, if you need guidance in matters related to employment contracts, our lawyers can explain in detail the provision of the Labor Code so that you know your rights as an employer, but also those of your employees.

We can also offer tailored assistance disputes related to breaches of contracts.

Opening companies in Dubai

Most foreign investors are interested in opening a company in Dubai free zones, where they are allowed to have a 100% foreign ownership unlike other regions from UAE, where they must have a UAE national partner who will own at least 51% of the company. UAE offers the possibility of setting up offshore companies that come with many advantages for foreign investors. No matter the type of company you choose to set up, our advocates in Dubai will handle the entire incorporation procedure. You don’t have to go in person to Dubai in order to open a company, you can give the power of attorney to one of our lawyers and he/she will set up the firm. Our law firm in Dubai offers assistance for foreign clients who don’t know what type of company is suitable for their business and what documents they need for registration. In addition to the incorporation services, we offer virtual office, accounting services etc.

In matters of business registration, investors can consider the following aspects:

1. A few name proposals are needed in order to verify with the Trade Register and check the validity.

2. The business address needs to be mentioned by the company’s documents.

3. The Articles of Association and the Memorandum of Association need to be drafted and prepared for registration.

4. Companies can start the activities if all the business licenses and permits are obtained.

5. The registration for tax purposes is mandatory in Dubai, considering the new taxes which were recently introduced (VAT and excise tax).

It is good to know that you do not need to travel to Dubai if you want to start a business in Dubai, as our legal advisors can handle all the requirements in this sense and can give the necessary advice.

Setting up a subsidiary/branch of your business in Dubai

The representatives of certain foreign companies want to open a branch or a subsidiary in Dubai in order to extend their business on the market in UAE. Our lawyers in Dubai will explain to them the differences between a branch and a subsidiary, the advantages and disadvantages of both types of entities and they will advise which is the best solution tailored to their businesses’ needs. Whatever the foreign investors choose to open in Dubai, our lawyers will handle the whole procedure of incorporation.

Branches in Dubai are accepted in most of the business sectors, especially in the banking field. A declaration mentioning the intention of establishing a branch in Dubai, plus other relevant documents provided by the parent company must be drafted for a branch registration in Dubai. In the case of subsidiaries, these are independent legal entities and can be registered as limited liability companies, in compliance with the local legislation in matters of business. 

Special permits and licenses

After opening a company, a branch or a subsidiary in Dubai, the foreign entrepreneurs may need certain types of permits and licenses for performing economic activities. Our law firm in Dubai will help you submit the necessary documents at the UAE authorities in order to obtain the permits. You don’t have to travel to Dubai and spend time for submitting the required documents and wait for the permits to be released. Our advocates in Dubai may obtain the licenses on behalf of you through a power of attorney. The professional license, the commercial license, and the industrial license are the most important ones to consider when deciding on a business in Dubai. It is important to know that the Ministry of Economy in the UAE and Dubai Department of Economic Development are two important institutions that issue the commercial licenses for local and foreign entrepreneurs, with a validity of one year and the possibility of renewing then for four years.

Mergers and acquisitions

Do you intend to do a merger or an acquisition in Dubai and you need legal assistance? Our local lawyers will offer you professional advice and help you conclude the deal in a short time, with no trouble because they are experienced in negotiating mergers and acquisitions. They will explain to you the main rules you have to respect in this country regarding these operations. In the case of mergers, two or more enterprises can be liquidated in order to create a new one, with all the assets and liabilities involved. As for acquisitions of companies in Dubai, or for the creation of joint stock companies, such procedures must have specific approvals made by the Securities and Commodities Authority in Dubai.

Company liquidation in Dubai

No matter the reasons you want to liquidate a company or if you are forced to do this, our advocates in Dubai will offer you assistance and will guide you through the whole procedure. The company liquidation procedure starts as soon as the board of managers decides in this direction and appoints a liquidator in such matter. In terms of documents, the license of the selected liquidator, the dissolution documents and the letter of approval for company liquidation are necessary to start this procedure. Legal advice during the process is extremely important, therefore, we recommend you to get in touch with our team if you decide to close the business.

Corporate and commercial litigation

If you have a litigation in Dubai and you need a local lawyer, you may contact our law firm. Our lawyers in Dubai will represent you in front of any court in this city. Commercial disputes in Dubai can be solved through litigation and arbitration for which specialized legal advice is recommended. It is good to know that the Court of Cassation, the Court of First Instance and the Court of Appeal in Dubai deal with company litigations and any other contractual and business disagreements. 

Tax advice and planning

Every businessman would like to know a few strategies for minimizing the taxes he has to pay for his business. It is good to know that starting with January 2018, the VAT and the excise tax are imposed on several categories of goods and services for sale purposes in Dubai. All the requirements in this matter, especially the ones related to the necessary documents for tax registration can be handled by our team of advisors. Our lawyers in Dubai are prepared to assist you in the financial field and they can help foreign entrepreneurs apply certain strategies for a legal minimization of taxes.

Debt collection in Dubai

Our specialized lawyers in debt collection in Dubai can provide the necessary legal assistance for companies looking to recover unpaid debts. An amicable approach in a form of payment notice is recommended in a case of debt collection, with the mention that our team of advisors can handle all the legal matters in order for companies to recover the payments in a fast and reliable manner. Let our team of advocates in Dubai tell you more about debt collection in Dubai.

Company due diligence in Dubai

Would you like to know complete details about a business before settling an important partnership or contract? A company due diligence can be the right choice for your case because it is quite important to have a background check before any business settlement. The same procedure is recommended before a company acquisition is made because it can reveal whether the firm has legal problems or not. Knowing the direction of your investments in Dubai will depend in a large percentage on the decisions made, alongside a team of advisors who can offer legal advice and support in the case of company due diligence. Investors wanting to settle varied business deals and transactions can ask for financial due diligence in Dubai and benefit from in-depth analysis and legal actions which can be made by our attorneys in Dubai

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Why move to Dubai

Dubai is one of the most appealing cities to live in the world with a large share of expats having move here in the past few years, as according to numerous publications:

  • 80% of the people living in Dubai are foreigners;
  • it is home to more than 200 nationalities;
  • it is one of the most financially stable cities in the world, with an average economic growth of 5% per year.

If you need any other information on why you should choose to move to this city, our advocates in Dubai are at your service. You can also send any question via email.

For other legal services and information about doing business in this region, you may contact our law firm in Dubai.