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Obtain Information About a Company in Dubai

Obtain Information About a Company in Dubai
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Companies registered in Dubai are obliged to provide specific public information. The information is submitted upon the incorporation of the company and it can afterward be accessed by individuals through an online portal of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Individuals who want to obtain information about a company in Dubai can perform a simple search in the Commercial Directory or employ the services of our team of lawyers in Dubai who can perform a comprehensive company search and due diligence procedure.

The Dubai Commercial Directory

The Dubai Commercial Directory is kept and updated by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and it is a useful tool for businessmen investors, importers, and exporters in Dubai and anyone interested in knowing more about a registered Dubai company. The directory is available in printed form, but an online portal also exists, where individuals can search for a company, provided that they know some basic details about that legal entity. The online commercial directory can be searched according to the activity code of the company, the specific activity (in English or in Arabic), the company name, phone number or address. The online portal of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce also has a search option according to the name of the company or the industry it operates in. For an easier search, the website already has predefined categories for companies.

Our lawyers in Dubai give you more details about the company search procedure in this video: 

Finding useful information about a company in Dubai

Investors who want to know more about a potential business partner in Dubai or those who are uncertain about their trade partners are the ones most entitled to perform a company search. Even a basic evaluation of the company will reveal if there are any reasons for suspicion when doing business with a certain company. Our Dubai law firm can help you search for specific information about a company incorporated in Dubai. We can help you search company documents that are only available in Arabic and we can also help you with a comprehensive company due diligence procedure. This provides you with more detailed information about a company, including financial information.

What kind of company information can you access?

Those wanting to have an idea about specific businesses and companies in Dubai can make a verification in this sense and can access information like the minimum share capital, the name of the owners if they are publicly displayed, the business profits and losses, the number of employees, the activities and the type of company. A person can have access to such information if he or she uses the code of the company, the name or the address of the firm. However, the authorities in Dubai will provide information and direction in this sense, simplifying the verification procedure for positive results. You should get in touch with a Dubai lawyer and solicit legal advice when deciding to look for a company. We can handle such matter and we can offer the needed assistance in order for you to skip any possible misunderstandings in matters of language or requests.

What is a company due diligence?

If you are interested in purchasing a company, and you need to know complete information about the business, you can solicit a company due diligence. This is an important checkup process which can be performed by our team of attorneys in Dubai. A background verification is always suggested before buying a company, and that because you need to know pretty much everything about the business if it has legal problems or debts. Here are a few facts about how the company due diligence is performed in Dubai:

  • • a team of lawyers in Dubai will have access to the company’s information and documents and make a research in this matter;
  • • the assets of the company are verified, plus the financial matters to see if there are any debts involved;
  • • a verification involving the contracts in the company will reveal if they are in the right order from a legal point of view;
  • • a company due diligence might be useful in the case the entrepreneurs would like to merge or acquire a business in Dubai.

Do not hesitate to talk to our team of advisors and find out more details about the company due diligence you might need at the time you wish to purchase a firm in Dubai.

Who can obtain information about a company in Dubai?

All foreign or local persons interested in a specific company can solicit information in this matter. The authorities have simplified the procedures, allowing anyone to access information about a particular business without harsh formalities. There are also cases in which the information of a company is not publicly revealed, therefore no access for persons in this matter. In most cases, the name of such a company is showed, but there is no information about the owners, as such details are protected.

Looking for the good standing of a company in Dubai

The status of a company is in the attention of an investor in the case he/she wants to purchase the business in the future. First of all, an investor, with the help of a lawyer, will have to verify if the business is registered with the Dubai Department of Economic Development. The good standing of a company is of high importance for those looking to start a business by purchasing a firm in a specific area of interest. The license of the company is verified with the help of the authorities. Also, the certificate of Good Standing issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE is provided at the time a company purchase will take place. In the same direction, those interested can solicit some letters of recommendation from collaborators and clients to see if the company is trustworthy. When looking for information about a company, a person can access details about the company’s relationship with the banks, in order to see if the business had financial problems or debts. 

Checking a company registered in Dubai FTZ

There cases in which a person or a company wants to obtain information about a company registered in Dubai’s free trade zones. In this matter, it is good to know that you cannot access such details on the internet with the relevant authorities. However, there is a solution in this sense, meaning that you can obtain information by sending a request in this sense comprising the name of the firm and find out if the business is licensed and registered on the market, in the dedicated free trade zone in Dubai. Large companies can ask for the Certificate of Good Standing, especially if valuable transactions will take place between the two companies. Obtaining information about a company in Dubai is not subject to strict formalities, however, it is recommended to ask for legal advice in this matter.

For more details about doing business in Dubai or if you are interested in registering a company, you can contact our Dubai attorneys.