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Criminal Lawyers in Dubai

Criminal Lawyers in Dubai

Our team of criminal lawyers in Dubai has experience in a wide range of areas such as theft crimes, manslaughter, violent crimes, financial crimes, drug-related offences, and many more. The legal advice of our team of criminal lawyers in Dubai is essential for those confronting serious accusations, so feel free to talk to us and find out more about your rights and about the defence services we can provide. We also mention that our team of advisors can help foreigners start a business in Dubai.

How can a criminal lawyer in Dubai help?

With a broad experience in the criminal area, our Dubai criminal lawyers can cover all the offences related to the Family Law, Maritime and Construction Law, real estate legislation, Criminal law, and many more. Our team of lawyers in Dubai acts in complete agreement with the UAE criminal law that also includes specific provisions of the Islamic Shariah Law. We can represent offenders in front of the authorities, in the Court of Appeals, the Federal Supreme Court and the Courts of First Instance, providing complete confidence and legal support in a wide range of criminal areas. Let one of our legal advisors tell you more about your rights if you have been accused of crimes in Dubai.

Legal support at the police station

Persons accused of criminal offences and sent in police custody need to know they have the right for an attorney and complete legal services. It is essential to know your legal rights from the beginning, so a legal advisor can explain all you need to know in this case:

  1. You have the right to receive medical assistance and solicit immediate support.
  2. You must not answer any question until your criminal lawyer in Dubai takes your case.
  3. If sufficient evidence is not presented, you can be released from police custody.

Complete legal services are provided to persons found in police custody so feel free to talk to our team of criminal defence lawyers in Dubai.

Defence for drug offences in Dubai

Being discovered with illegal drugs and having the intention of selling them on the market are considered serious crimes in the UAE, and persons accused of such offences can face huge penalties and imprisonment. Our Dubai criminal lawyers will take your case right from the start if you have been accused of drug offences like possession and/or consumption of drugs, among other offences. The case can get complicated if the criminal record comprises other offences too. In any case, comprehensive legal support and complete attention to your case are provided by one of our legal advisors, so you should ask for help as soon as possible.

Defence for financial crimes in Dubai

Financial crime accusations are extremely severe and in most cases related to money laundering, credit card fraud, identity theft, bribery and corruption, embezzlement, bank frauds, investment frauds, and many more. When facing such accusations, it is recommended to ask for legal advice from a criminal defence lawyer in Dubai with experience in this field and who are familiar with the legislation involved. Financial crimes are often linked to organized crime groups, so such accusations may weigh even more when issuing a verdict in such a case. 

Being accused of issuing and/or using false cheques are also serious matters for which legal advice and assistance is needed. Fines and imprisonment for up to 3 years can be imposed for persons accused of such financial frauds, but instead of dealing with such penalties it is highly recommended to solicit legal support and representation from our Dubai team of criminal lawyers. Foreigners can also check the legal services we can offer for company formation and registration in Dubai, plus other areas we can cover.

Can I receive legal advice for sexual crime accusations?

Yes, you can solicit our team of criminal defence lawyers in Dubai if you have been accused of sexual offences. It is important to know that sexual crime cases are sensitive topics for which severe punishments are issued. Minor sexual abuse, rape, human trafficking, sexual harassment, indecent exposure, prostitution are among the sexual crime cases a person can be accused of. In rape cases, the death penalty can be issued in the UAE, which is why such cases are treated with high importance by our team of advisors in Dubai. The best legal support is recommended for any sexual crime case, a matter where our team of criminal lawyers in Dubai can help. It is recommended to get in touch with our team of advisors and find out more about the rights you have when facing sexual crime accusations.

Legal support for violent crime cases in Dubai

Our team of criminal lawyers in Dubai can represent clients accused of violent crimes, as they have a wide experience in this field. We can create a solid defence for cases like:

  1. Manslaughter – murder accusations, voluntary or involuntary cases, the intention to commit a crime – life imprisonment can be issued.
  2. Kidnapping – imprisonment for up to 15 years can be issued, and even deportation – our advisors can represent your case in front of the authorities.
  3. Assault and battery – the intention to cause harm to a person – fines and imprisonment can be issued to persons found guilty of such crimes.

The violent crime accusations are severe and immediate legal advice and support are required from the beginning. One of our Dubai criminal lawyers will take your case and represent you in the court of law, by preparing a solid defence strategy. Your case will be attentively measured, and this means that all the circumstances and evidence will have to be presented to our advisors. We remind that if there isn’t sufficient evidence in a violent crime case, individuals have lots of chances to be released from custody, and charges to be dropped.

Can I ask for a lawyer if I’m a victim of domestic violence?

Yes, it is highly recommended to ask for the legal support of a criminal lawyer if you are a victim of domestic violence. Such cases can aggravate if child abuse is involved. It is also the case of forced marriage, sexual abuse, rape, etc. Those found guilty of domestic abuse can face imprisonment for several years, so it is highly important to solicit legal advice and representation from our team of criminal lawyers in Dubai. You can also get in touch with us for other legal services in Dubai too.

Theft charges in Dubai – How can we help?

Theft charges can be simple or aggravated, depending on the circumstances, so the penalties are in accordance, meaning that life imprisonment can be issued in some cases. Burglary, robbery, property trespassing are part of theft crimes and serious offences for which individuals need legal advice. You are suggested to talk to one of our legal consultants and solicit help if you face such accusations. It is required to have legal support in time, right from the beginning, and know your legal rights in the UAE.

Legal areas in which you should ask for help

Our criminal lawyers in Dubai are at your disposal with complete legal advice and support for local and foreign citizens who have problems with the law. We can cover all sections of criminal law, like, defamation, murder, assault and battery, drug offences, arson, fraud, medical negligence, family abuse and violence, money laundering, theft, abduction, human trafficking, juvenile crimes, investment frauds, extortion, cryptocurrency investment fraud, corporate fraud, counterfeit cheque fraud, online frauds, business trading frauds, forgery, white collar crimes, harassment, cyber crimes, crimes against women and many more. A solid defence is needed for persons accused of the above-mentioned crimes, mentioning that legal representation is offered right from the beginning. Some offenders do not have a complete picture of the rights they have, so a criminal lawyer in Dubai will have to get in touch with a legal advisor and find out more about this matter.

You can watch our video on our criminal law services in Dubai:


Short facts about cyber crime law in the UAE

Cyber financial frauds, digital harassment, online frauds, identity theft, online money laundering, online investment frauds, and phishing are part of the category of cyber crimes for which offenders need complete legal advice and representation. While digitalization continues to develop, the crimes in this area have the same speed of spreading, so the authorities in the UAE continue to fight against the phenomenon. The Cyber Crime Law in the UAE suffered some changes in 2018 in terms of punishments, mentioning that this set of laws were implemented in 2012. Moreover, persons found guilty of internet crimes can be convicted under this law and even deported, depending on the circumstances. The existing Cyber Law in UAE intends to supervise the negative impact of abusing on the technological devices, for instance, access to illegal websites, online financial frauds and different online criminal activities mentioned by the Cyber Crime in UAE. Here are some facts and numbers about the crimes in the UAE:

  • The UAE has the lowest violent crime rate in the world;
  • Only 110 violent crimes were reported in 2015 in the UAE;
  • The homicide rate for UAE in 2017 was 0.5 cases per 100,000 population;
  • The assault rate for UAE in 2017 was 2.4 cases per 100,000 population.

Our criminal lawyers in Dubai can cover a wide range of criminal activities and can provide complete legal support and assistance in front of the authorities in the UAE. Please feel free to contact us and solicit our legal help if you deal with law problems in Dubai.