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Open a Dubai Business for Selling Food, Beverages, Tobacco

Open a Dubai Business for Selling Food, Beverages, Tobacco

The retail sector in the UAE is among the main engines of the economy of this country. The food, the beverages, and the tobacco are part of the fast-moving consumer goods or simply FMCG, a powerful industry in the UAE, particularly in Dubai. Foreigners can open food, beverage and tobacco shops in the UAE, in respect to the company formation legislation in this sense. As for the legal aspects of such business in Dubai, we recommend you talk to our team of lawyers in Dubai.

Special licenses and permits for selling alcohol and tobacco

The FMCG industry in Dubai is a prolific one, considering the tourism sector that helps in this sense. To open a business for selling food, beverages, and tobacco, a foreign entrepreneur needs to comply with the applicable laws regarding the special licenses and permits. For instance, for selling alcoholic beverages, a special license, known as the Liquor License, is mandatory in this matter. This is issued under the rules imposed by the Liquor Control Law in Dubai by the Chamber of Commerce. The same thing is available for selling tobacco in Dubai, under the rules of the Federal Law no.15/2009 of the Tobacco Control Law in Dubai. In-depth information about the laws that oversee the activities of alcohol beverages and tobacco sales in the UAE can be entirely explained by our Dubai attorneys.

How do I register a store for selling food, beverages, and tobacco in Dubai?

Foreign investors can set up their shops under a limited liability company, a suitable business structure which accomplishes the needs in this matter. Such entity can be established in Dubai’s free zones for several tax exemptions or can be registered in mainland Dubai. The registration process is simple, it starts with the Department of Economic Development in Dubai, but before you enter the market, you need to apply for the necessary licenses and permits with the authorities in charge. The Food Control Department and the Dubai municipalities issue a series of licenses and permits for your shop.

Commercial license in Dubai

If you intend to sell beverages and tobacco in your Dubai shop, it is suggested to bear in mind the requirements for the commercial license, such as:

  • •    the prices with respect to the Competition Law applicable in Dubai;
  • •    the discounts offered in your shop for food, beverages and tobacco products;
  • •    the advertising methods in respect to the laws in Dubai regarding religion, freedom of expression, etc.;
  • •    the ways in which you promote the shop, with respect to the Advertising Standards in the UAE;

For complete support in opening a Dubai business for selling food, beverages, and tobacco, we invite you to contact our law firm in Dubai.