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Set up a Restaurant in UAE

Set up a Restaurant in UAE

Foreign investors who want to establish their activities in the Emirates can analyze the opportunities in the food industry and set up restaurants in the UAE. This kind of business can be a proper investment and a suitable source of money, as the tourism in the UAE has developed in a fast manner in the past years. For legal advice when opening a restaurant in the UAE and for a better understanding of the rules in this matter, we recommend you to talk to our lawyers in Dubai. It is good to know that a foreign investor can have 100% ownership of the restaurant in the free trade zones in the UAE.

General food safety standards in the UAE

The UAE Food Code was established in 2013 with the purpose of helping restaurant or food business owners to consider the main rules and regulations regarding the food safety. In other words, the general food safety standards in the UAE refer to the health protection of the customers and the safety environment all restaurants should provide once the documentation in this matter is approved. Countries worldwide adopted the same standards worldwide and the Emirates make no exception. Besides that, it is good to know that entrepreneurs who want to open a restaurant in the UAE need to obtain the trade license, in order to properly function on the market. Please keep in mind that our attorneys in Dubai can provide you with legal guidance when drafting the documents for the licenses needed.

Obtaining the food license to open a restaurant in the UAE

In order to legally open a restaurant in the Emirates, one should consider the food license which is granted in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Department of the Economic Development. Please keep in mind that if you decide to set up a restaurant in the main cities or outside of malls or other centers in the Emirates, you will need to obtain the Planning Department approval in this matter.

We have prepared a video about how to set up a restaurant in Dubai and the information in this sense: 

Other conditions to consider when opening a restaurant in Dubai

Besides the main licenses necessary to set up a restaurant in the UAE, one should consider the following requirements:

• the approval of the construction plan of the restaurant;

• the blueprints of the restaurant;

• qualified staff for the restaurant.

No matter the type of restaurant you want to open in the UAE, we recommend you to consider the licenses in this matter and the Food Code rules and regulations. Please contact our law firm in Dubai for complete information about how to set up a restaurant in the UAE.