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Marriage in Dubai

Marriage in Dubai

The Sharia Law applies to Muslims who want to get married not only in the Emirates but also worldwide. Furthermore, in agreement with the same law, it is well known that Islam is against celibacy, and couples can live together in any Arab country only if marriage is registered in this matter. Moreover, the rules of marriage differ for nationals, foreigners, or citizens of a different kind of religion, the latter one being obliged to convert to Islam in order to get married. Our lawyers in Dubai can explain both nationals and foreigners all the legal aspects related to marriage in the UAE.

Our marriage lawyers in Dubai are at your service with updated information on the requirements for getting married in this Emirate.

The Family Law in Dubai

Marriage just as all other aspects of living in Dubai as a man and wife is governed by the Family Law of the Emirate. The same act provides for marriage dissolution, child custody and support and even spouse maintenance after termination. In order to make sure one complies with all the legal requirements of this Emirate, it is worth asking from legal advice from a law firm in Dubai, and our specialists are at the service of both local and foreign citizens who want to know more about the civil laws here. Also, it is important to note that while some regulations are imposed at national level, some of them only apply only in Dubai, as established by the local government, therefore attention must be paid when getting married, divorced or even starting a business.

In terms of marriage registration, the UAE is one of the most advanced Muslim states when it comes to the recognition of foreign national getting married here.

With the help of our marriage lawyers in Dubai, foreign citizens can register their marital vows in of the most beautiful and impressive cities in the world.

The marriage of Muslims in Dubai

Muslim couples in Dubai make their union official through a Sharia court in the UAE. The Penal Code prohibits an unmarried man and a woman to live together and this act is punishable by law. The marriage should be registered electronically before the couples go to a Dubai Court. At least one of the spouses must have a residence visa in the UAE. They both must perform pre-marital medical tests and obtain a pre-marriage certificate from a Dubai governmental clinic. Other documents which must be provided are:

  • their ID cards,
  • insurance cards,
  • passport photos,
  • other documents, if requested.

Our attorneys in Dubai canoffer legal advice for those interested in knowing more about the Sharia law or the Civil Law in Dubai.

Marriage for non-Muslims in Dubai

Foreigners living and working in Dubai can also get married there if they wish so. A common situation is for Muslim men to marry Christian women. In order for a Christian to be able to wed a Muslim, the Christian has to convert to Islam first. Two individuals can get married at a Dubai Court if at least one of them is Muslim and both are residents of the UAE. In order for the marriage to take place, at least one of the spouses must have a UAE residence visa. The medical examination before the wedding is also mandatory and the parties will also need to provide documents like their birth certificates and original passports and copies of the residence visas.

For more information about marriage officials in Dubai who perform marriage ceremonies and draw up the marriage contract, you may solicit support and information from our marriage lawyers in Dubai. Our team is able to assist you during the marriage procedure and they can recommend you also a wedding planner specialist who can help you organize your ceremony.

We also offer support in moving here through investment. The investment visa in Dubai is available for citizens all over the world. However, there are strict requirements to be met, as its main purpose is to attract investors or talented specialists who can contribute to the welfare of the country. If you need support in applying for it, you can get in touch with our lawyers for guidance.

Rules for newly converted women to Islam

Once the conversion to Islam from another type of religion successfully took place, women in Dubai should respect the conditions linked to this new status, at the moment of the marriage. It is mandatory to present the certificate which states the Islamic religion. This is an important document issued by the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and EndowmentsWomen who convert to Islam outside the UAE are suggested to translate the certificate into the Arabic language and to send it for approval to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in order to proceed with the marriage in Dubai.

What are the conditions to get married in Dubai?

There are several conditions and requirements to get married in Dubai, and it is important to respect the applicable laws in this city and in the UAE. Foreigners and locals wanting to marry in Dubai should pay attention to all the requirements in this matter, among which, the following are quite important:

  1. The marriage of two persons of the same gender is prohibited in the UAE.
  2. A marriage needs to be legally registered in order to be considered.
  3. Muslims in Dubai need to register the marriage at the court marriage in the city.
  4. Non-Muslim persons can get married in Dubai with respect to the rules of their country.
  5. An electronic registration of the marriage before going to the marriage court in Dubai is necessary.
  6. The reference number for the registered marriage is then used in Dubai courts.
  7. In the case of persons under 18 years of age, an approval from the chief justice of Personal Status Court is needed.

Do I need a premarital medical certificate?

Yes, a premarital medical certificate showing that future spouses have no diseases that can be transmitted is mandatory. This kind of certificate normally mentions that the persons looking to get married do not suffer from HIV/AIDS or anything related.

Who is entitled to represent the bride in the Court of Marriage in Dubai?

According to the laws in the UAE, two men witnesses and the father of the bride need to be present in the Court of Marriage. It is important to know that a proxy guardian needs to be presented and act as a delegate in the case the father of the bride cannot be part of the marriage as a witness and family representative. All the legal aspects regarding marriage in Dubai can be explained by our experienced marriage lawyers in Dubai.

Is there any fee to pay for getting married in Dubai?

Yes, fees ranging from AED 60 to AED 500 are imposed for getting married in Dubai, however, these depend on the place the union is registered. Feel free to talk to our specialists and find out more about the legal requirements and the mandatory fees. Also, if you want to know details about the business start-up costs in Dubai, you can get in touch with our advisors.

The marriage license in Dubai for persons from UK

Couples from UK wanting to get married in Dubai will have to pay attention to the requirements in this matter. For example, the marriage needs to be announced the entitled authorities within 21 days before the union takes place. UK persons who do not share the Muslim religion can marry in Dubai at the UK embassy in this city. In matters of documents, the birth certificates, the passports, the ID cards of the witnesses, the divorce papers (if it is the case), the medical certificate and the sworn affidavit showing the persons are free to get married are among the needed documents for registering the marriage between two persons from UK. Moreover, once the marriage certificate is provided, this has to be translated from English into Arabic and then validated by the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Even though there are no harsh requirements for sealing a marriage in Dubai as an expat from UK, it is important to bear in mind the legal services of an attorney in Dubai and ask about all the requirements in matters of documents and registration. Let our team of advisors provide you in-depth information about how to get married in Dubai.

How marriage certificates are ratified in Dubai

The marriage between Muslims or non-Muslims in Dubai or the entire UAE is held by officers named Maazoons who must be authorized in this matter. Keep in mind that the matrimonial status can only be accredited by a competent judge from the chosen city for this kind of event. Once the fee is paid, the application is examined, and the decision is made upon the marriage in Dubai. Only after these steps, a certificate is issued by the authorities in charge.

The marriage contract in Dubai

It is not uncommon for the future spouses to enter marriage contracts in Dubai. These must be filed with the Court of Marriage and imply various aspects.

The marriage contract will be drafted just like any other agreement, however, it will need to contain specific provisions. It should be noted that the marriage agreement is required in the case of Muslim men and women where at least one of the future spouses is at least 18 years old but below 21 (the age of a person becomes an adult with full rights in the UAE is 21).

The marriage contract allows UAE citizens to enter lawful marriages with the permission of their parents or legal guardians. Also, persons under the age of 18 can obtain permission from a judge after a thorough verification of the case.

Female citizens of UAE are also required to enter marriage contracts when marrying citizens of certain countries, as well as other Muslim citizens under certain conditions.

Among the requirements related to the marriage contract is to file a medical health certificate with the court when all documents are submitted for approval. Foreign male citizens must also submit good conduct certificates issued by the Dubai Police Department (however, this requirement does not apply to citizens of Global Cooperation Council countries).

Our marriage lawyers in Dubai can offer detailed information all the requirements related to getting married in this Emirate.

Visa requirements for getting married in Dubai

Foreign citizens who come to Dubai to get married must obtain tourist visas in order to be able to enter the country. Also, our marriage lawyers in Dubai advise foreign nationals to plan their vacation during which they want to get married ahead.

In the case of persons of at least 18 years old, at least one of the parents of the spouses must have a valid residence permit for UAE.

Our marriage lawyers in Dubai can also help foreign citizens to obtain the necessary residence permits for moving and registering their marriages here.

Services provided by our marriage lawyers in Dubai

When considering getting married in Dubai, clients are first invited to discuss the legal requirements they need to comply with. Our marriage lawyers in Dubai will explain the steps they need to follow prior and after registering the marriage and the documents they need to prepare in order to skip various mistakes that can be made.

We can also file the marriage documents and contract on behalf of clients, where such a service is required. Our marriage lawyers in Dubai recommend foreign citizen want to get married here to start preparation as soon as decide on a date in order to find themselves in the position of postponing their ceremonies.

If you have any questions related to getting married or divorced in Dubai, do not hesitate to send us your questions.

Marriage dissolution in Dubai

Filing for divorce in Dubai as a Muslim couple will have to respect the Sharia Laws and if certain circumstance occurred during the marriage. For instance, if one of the spouses left the conjugal home, or if physical abuse took place, then filing for divorce is the normal thing to do. The requirements in this matter need to be attentively measured and the first step is to get in touch with the Moral and Family Guidance Department and file a petition for divorce. A reconciliation method is normally suggested and presented, and if spouses cannot agree on an amicable reconciliation, then the divorce will take place to the Personal Status Court in Dubai. It is good to know that expats living in Dubai and looking for marriage dissolution may do so in respect with the applicable laws in their home countries, with the mention that in the case of division of mutual assets and also child custody, the trial might prolong for a specific period of time. It is good to know that the Sharia and the Civil Courts in Dubai are in charge of marriage dissolution for both nationals and expats. No matter your citizenship and if you would like to get married in Dubai, we kindly recommend you ask for legal advice in this matter, in order to respect the requirements and the applicable laws.

Family Law statistics in Dubai

A recent report presenting data on marriage registration and divorce rates in Dubai between 2016 and 2019 indicate the following:

  • in the above-mentioned period, the divorce rate decreased by 35%;
  • reported to 1,000 persons, 2.44% of them got divorced in 2019, compared to 3.76% in 2016;
  • the marriage rate also went down by 17% between 2016 and 2019;
  • reported to 1,000, the marriage rate decreased from 11.4% in 2016 to 9.47% in 2019.

We invite you to contact our law firm in Dubai for comprehensive information about how to get married in Dubai and about the related legislation.