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Establish a Transporting and Storage Company in Dubai

Establish a Transporting and Storage Company in Dubai
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The logistics business in the Dubai represents a successful field where there is always room for expansion. Being recognized not only for opulence and wealth but also for the incredible infrastructure, Dubai is the proper place to start a transporting and storage company. Respecting the provisions of the Federal Law connected to the Road Transportation and the Land Transport Law, an entrepreneur can establish such business with complete legal support offered by our lawyers in Dubai.

Types of transportation companies in Dubai

A foreign investor who wants to set up a transportation and storage company in Dubai is recommended to establish the area in which he or she will perform the activities, whether in the Emirates only, or beyond borders of the UAE. The logistics services in Dubai may concern the maritime, the air and the land transportation, but keep in mind that such business must also provide the necessary support for creating a warehouse for storage purposes. All free zones in Dubai are subject to many tax exemptions, therefore, a transporting and storage company in the Emirate may represent the proper business start for an entrepreneur from abroad. We remind that Dubai is a prominent transportation center, due to numerous companies with establishments in the city that perform most activities in the prolific trading sector.

If you are planning to expand your opportunities by opening a transporting and storage company in Dubai, we suggest you solicit all the necessary information about the legislation in this domain from our attorneys in Dubai.

Main conditions to open a transporting and storage business

If you have decided to set up a transporting and storage company in Dubai, you should apply for the necessary licenses and permits before starting the business. In this situation, a transport license is mandatory and can be obtained if you submit the related documents with the National Transport Authority. Even if you direct your attention to ready-made companies in logistics, it is mandatory to obtain the necessary legal documents related to this business field.

We also remind that each kind of transportation, whether inside or outside the Emirates, must be accompanied by the documents proving the provenience of the goods, details about the destination of the cargo, and custom tax payments if any. The legal aspects in this matter can be requested to our Dubai lawyers.

Reasons for opening a transporting and storage company in Dubai

Without a doubt, the infrastructure in Dubai is one of the advantages an investor considers when deciding on opening a transportation and storage company in Dubai. This helps the business grow in a fast and considerable manner and can help entrepreneurs expand their areas of interests not only in the UAE but also on an international plan. One can establish a courier company or can think of freight businesses in Dubai. Specific goods which also involve the dangerous ones can be stored and transported by your company in Dubai. In Dubai’s free zones, companies are allowed to be 100% foreign owned and furthermore, there are no taxes on profits, other advantages of the business environment in Dubai. The strategic location of the UAE allows entrepreneurs to offer logistic services around the world, by sea, by air, by sea or by land.

If you want to know more details about how you can register a transporting and storage company in Dubai, please feel free to contact our law firm in Dubai.